Goat simulator (yes, really)


Jan 13, 2015
Has anyone downloaded this game from Steam? I bought it when it was on sale and... while it's certainly a very funny premise, I find the gameplay very confusing and tedious. I get what they were going for, but it just doesn't hold my attention for very long. The wackiness kind of wears off and I'm left with a very dull, glitchy game that isn't enjoyable to play.

I'm sure I'm just missing the point. I bet this game is great to play with friends. Or drunk. Or both. Has anyone else tried it?
Goat Simulator looks very buggy: poor collision detection, etc. Maybe the rough edges are intentional and part of the gag, but I wouldn't think about playing this game.
Lol. I don't think I could play something like this no matter the gag or intended joke. This not only seems like a poor attempt to keep my attention, come on. Goats? Really?

All I need now is George Clooney to stare at them. Kudos if you get the reference.
I've only seen gameplay footage of Goat Simulator on YouTube. It looks like a terrible game that is meant to cash in on it's weirdness factor. Back in more enlightened times, games like these would be dismissed by game reviewers as awful and not worth anyone's time and money. However, YouTube channels need something interesting or weird to show in order to rack up views. Quality doesn't matter anymore as long as a game can create some kind of spectacle. Quite sad really. :(
The "yes, really" part made me laugh XD. I've seen Pewdiepie play this before but I'd never buy it myself. It seems like we're going through this phase that funny, nonsensical games are a big hit... In my opinion these games are useless and only made so the developers can make money off of people willing to buy the game for laughing stock purposes. What exactly will you get out of a Goat Simulator game other than a few laughs...
I wouldn't pay a buck for it. I think this trend needs to stop ASAP, no one plays these games seriously...

I own this. And I Am Bread. And Surgeon Simulator.

I played them a little then left them alone.
I think that games like goat simulator are more of a game that people would pick up and play just out of intrigue, as I'm not sure before you play it you're going to actually know what to expect. They might be fun for a while but they're not the kind of game that has any longevity, and I wouldn't have thought it's a game that will keep you hooked or a game you'll keep going back to for too long.

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