Going to order 100 empty blu-ray cases for the Wii


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Sep 26, 2015
ebay has a great deal for 100 blu-ray cases for $48.00 USD with free shipping. I'm going to edit the size of all of my Wii game covers so they can fit inside the blu-ray cases. This will be a long process. I'm only doing this because I'm running out of room for my games. I already put my physical Wii U games in PS3 cases, to see how it looks. & it looks good. Now it's time to do the Wii games then to the GameCube games. For the Atari,Sega Genesis, NES,SNES to N64 I keep the carts loose and stored in media shelves. Every game is stored in Alphabetical order. So it's easy to find the game I'm looking for to play.
*Guy who slow claps starting a giant applause*
This may be a dumb question, but why don’t you keep them in the original cases?
Not enough room left. Once I make my 3rd video game collection video for YouTube, you will know.
Crazy project. Are you going to crop the original artwork with scissors or just fold it?
I will be scanning the cover photos, then I'll be using photoshop to downsize them into Blu-ray cover format. Then the covers will be printed out & cut with a paper cutter then the covers will be put into the blu-ray cases, along with the games.