Gone Home - I will have this game!


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Feb 18, 2013
So I have come to expect big things from the team behind Bioshock (2, I) and this game does not disappoint me. Set in the 90s the objective of this game is to find out where you're family has gone. You'll have to search the house with a fine-tooth comb, but that intrigues me. The little bits of personal debris that tells the story of someone's life and motivations. I just think that is a startling different idea that should be explored and so I'm really on tenterhooks about this game. Also the 90s were a big thing for me... so yeah there is that. What do you guys think?
No crunchyg! Bad Admin! We do not reference sucky movie tie-ins from the yesteryear! Seriously though this is not in anyway the same thing... thankfully. It's more you know a um... Dear Ester type of thing.
Honestly, I think Gone Home is one of the most overrated indie games ever made. The game did phenomenally well and received sterling reviews. However, I'm not convinced that this is a good game at all. It's a game that would be universally panned if it was released at least 5 years ago. I consider it a non-game, something that feels more like a technical demo rather than an effort that provides a real challenge and good game design.

The Polygon & Kotaku crowd were fawning over Gone Home, which just shows the low-quality game journalism of these sites. Plenty of good indie games such as Oniken were ignored, which provided an experience any NES fan would enjoy. More importantly, it was a real game.

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