Gonna buy one tomorrow (New XL): IPS Glasses


May 6, 2016
Hello community,

I decided to buy a New 3DS XL, primarily for N64/SNES/GB nostalgia purposes. Also I am really curious about this supposed 3D effect.

So, obviously I've heard about the two different screen versions and as you can imagine I am very keen on getting an IPS one.
In fact I've already called a few stores around my area (Switzerland/Germany) and two of them agreed to let me open the box and have a look. Actually they did it themselves right away as I mentioned it, lol, so they seem pretty chill guys. However, I don't think I am allowed to turn it on (except maybe in one Saturn) and so I wanted to ask you more experienced guys if it is somehow possible to distinguish them when turned off? I heard one is supposed to be more greyish and the other pitch-black. I'll try to find the one screenshot again and maybe will edit it in later.

Another option would be to postpone this step and first order one on Amazon and then simply return it in case it's a TN. I'm 100% sure they'll let me send it back even if I opened it and turn it on, as they made a mistake in their description, although I am not gonna write what as I don't want to lose this option. :p

So... What do you think? Was anyone in a similar situation or knows more on those points?

Oh, and just a little side-question for all wearers of glasses... Do you guys play without them? I was thinking it might be a much better experience, but I think I'd have to buy the little version then, as this would require to hold it really close (shortsightedness). Maybe I'll try it out in one of the stores.

Anyway... Thanks in advance, I'm happy about any input.
Hi. There are two things to keep in mind with IPS screens.

1. Only the main screen will be IPS. The other will be TN.

2. TN panels tend to have less ghosting than IPS, though they tend to look worse.

So I really have to ask, is that 8-10% increase in quality worth opening 10 New 3DSes over?
I didn't state that I will / plan to open 10 boxes, no idea where you got that number from. Similarly, I have no idea how this supposed percentage difference came about.

First point is already wrong as well, there are many documented units with double IPS and even ones with main TN and bottom IPS.

Secondly, I have no real interest in discussing pros and cons, but much more so how to find out which one is what.
Wow, you are really making a big deal out of this, and also seem unable to read between the lines of a post. I apologize if my first point was wrong.

My suggestion is 1. Google search, 2. Try EBay for one, 3. Wait for other responses, as it seems you don't want to listen to me and my advice to just buy any, since TN isn't that great a deal. IPS will make Monster Hunter and the like look better, sure, due to better colors and the like, but you're still limited by the pixel density. Pixels will still look big, in other words. In which case, you might as well get a (Non-XL) New 3DS.
Nah, I am not making a big deal about it, I have simply no interest in discussing pros and cons as this has been talked about over and over and over again already.

So, apparently a lot of people with IPS top / TN bottom claim that the main screen is pitch-black / darker than the latter. Does anyone have a TN model to check or can confirm this?
I'm just going to go on the record with saying I have not the faintest clue if my N3DSXL uses IPS or TN or even OLED and I don't care. I'm quite certain this will be the case for nearly all forum members. I wasn't even aware there were different screen types being used. You are better off asking on those forums where you got what info you have, as we simply don't know.

That being said, if Nintendo is using different screen types in the same model then I assume it's because they switched suppliers. It's possible that all new models will have the one type while you'd have to look at used models for the other type. Have you confirmed if the screen type depends on region? 3DSs for different regions will be manufactured separately so it's plausible that the screen type you want is only available in other regions.
As much as I'd love to help him, I have to agree with grahamf. What we are is an extremely friendly, neighborly Nintendo forum, not a bunch of tech geeks.

You are welcome to stay here if you want to and participate. But this topic is like going to KFC and ordering the fish fillet. Chances are members will be careful about helping you because they don't understand the subject themselves.

Try this forum for this question, maybe ask in one of the console forums and let them know it's for the 3DS: https://forum.beyond3d.com/
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Okay. Yea well the distribution seems pretty random and all over the place and used models are rare, I can get a single one in a Gamestop around here. Those on eBay are usually TNs being sold by people who want the same one as me or overpriced if identified as IPS... I'll see what I can do and maybe report back when I have a definitive answer, thanks anyway.
There is no way to tell by serial number (which kind of sucks), so the only option is to buy one and take it home for a test drive. In the U.S. you can exchange or return gaming hardware for 30 days at most stores, not sure about Switzerland.
Yea. Here are two photos of a confirmed top IPS / bottom TN model while turned off.

Curious to know if full TN ones might still look the same, although I doubt it.


I'm a tiny bit of a tech geek. Also a ambassador of sorts for Motorola. This is the first time I've heard of this, but I'm defiantly interested in seeing the full tn panel, perhaps side to side if thats somewhere on the web. IPS does sound nice though ♥
For some reason basically all comparisons have been done when turned on and mainly with a view from an angle.

I found these two pictures in a very detailed and lengthy review on German Amazon, he certainly seemed to know what he was talking about.
However, as he was the only one who pointed this out across tons of threads, I am still kinda skeptic, so I'd love to hear any further information.

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