Got my 3rd badge in Pokemon X

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
And my Starter Pokemon is now on the final evolution.
You're really pushing me now to buy that game
I have 5 badges now. & I'm going for my 6th badge.

I now have the 7th badge and I'm at Team Flare's Headquarters. I'll keep you posted what happens later. but as of now Team Flare is going to end all life on the planet, with a powerful weapon and you have to stop them. that's the part I'm at now.

I got my 8th badge and I'm at the Pokemon League Final 4.

10/15/2013 5:04PM:

I beat Pokemon X, Now who wants a MAJOR HYPER SPOIL ALERT???!!!!?
@crunchyg - it's REALLY good. I took about a week to beat the elite four because i was running around between badges trying to find everything that area had to offer. there's so much going on and even a lot of endgame content, and the pokemon designs are a lot better this go-round :)
Lol he's kind of entertaining I don't want to ban him. He's like a poor little robot, I want to decipher his brain and cure him of whatever disease he has.
I am really on the fence about Pokemon XY. I've beaten the game several times to get multiple mega evolution stones (a friend holds on to my other stuff) but I didn't find the campaign as enjoyable as the gen 5 games. Please do not interpret this as me being a negative nancy, XY are good games I guess I was just spoiled by gen 5's story and plot.

The graphics and music are very impressive though, I loved trouncing the elite 4 my first time through (that music). There's nothing wrong with the gameplay either, I'm just still not quite sure about how I feel about the mega evolutions I was expecting them to shake up the meta game more but a lot of them are just redundant, like Mega Sczior and Alakazam. The effects and idea behind the system is awesome though, makes me think of powering up in a super robot anime!

I know this post was overly negative, XY -is- good and I'm happy all of you are enjoying the games a lot. I did my share of breeding and online fighting but I think I'm done for now :).