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Jan 9, 2018
I have been gaming since the Commodore 64 days. Bubble Bobble started it all, for me, as I would set down after work with my Daughter, who was then 5 years old, she would have the blue dragon and I would have the green one. I live in the past when it comes to gaming, NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, N64, Sega Genesis, Neo Geo CD, GB Pocket, GB SP, etc. I was just playing King's Knight earlier this evening. I love cart based gaming. I like the tangible cart feeling it in my hands, pushing it down into the console, and click I am gaming. All a part of the experience. No digital downloads, or DLC, for me, thank you.

I am also a lousy gamer, but I still enjoy playing. There are those certain games that I can only get just so far and then I can't seem to get past a boss character or something. But I still play the game.

The shooter genre is my favorite. Love flying that prototype ship against those alien hordes bent on destroying our part of the galaxy. (What is wrong with them?)
I like a good story driven RPG.

Been looking for a forum that is still active with some life left in it.

My New 3DS xl contains The Lord of Magna, my 2DS xl has Bravely Second end layer, grinding in both right now.
Welcome @laughing robot !!! We take gamers of all ages here lol. I'm a slightly older game, but I think you may have me beat by a few years :)
I'm assuming that you don't have a Switch, otherwise you probably would've mentioned it?
Nope, don't have a Switch. Cost of admission is a little high for me. I will have to dig in a save some cash for that one. Got my head into some other things right now. Wanting to pick up some other games for the 3DS, Super Famicom, and Genesis right now. But if the right game was released for the Switch.................mmmmmmmmmmm... like maybe a Star Fox? Now that would grab me.
lol yep, I completely understand. Just got the Switch a month ago myself as an anniversary present. New Star Fox, huh? The SNES classic has the never before released Star Fox 2!
@laughing robot well hello there and welcome! We have a ton in common. Grey hair and all. Im pretty lousy on most games myself. The only thing i don't see up there is anything about Zelda. Have you played any Zelda's?

Im also working on Bravely Second. Aint they fantastic old school rpg's? And believe it or not, I STILL LOVE BUBBLE BOBBLE. Please take your time and check us out, i have a feeling you're gonna love it here
I've also been gaming since I was 2 back in 1984 on the Atari 2600, My Grandmother had the Colecovision at her house. I remember the first time I had about Nintendo. back in 1987. My older cousins were going to their friends house. I didn't know what they were doing. My mom said you should of went with them. I said "Why?" There going to play Nintendo. At that time I had no idea what a Nintendo was, since it was brand new. I said what's a Nintendo? I didn't even know what it was. It wasn't until Christmas when I got my first Nintendo Entertainment System. I was blown away. I was so used to Atari & colecovision. I remember my Grandmother hooking up the system to the old tube tv's. I said now that we have a Nintendo we can throw the Atari out the window. I wasn't even in my double digit age. But My grandmother carried the Atari & the games to the Attic. Since I was born with great memory I can still view the video footage that has been in my brain all these years. So 2 years ago. I went to my attic and dug around to find the Atari 2600 which was my first gaming console I played. And it still works. I still have my NES. Super Mario Bros. was the first NES game I've played. You are not the only old gamer here. I'm almost in my 40's.
MilkBone- I wanted an NES mini at one point. But due to Nintendo the prices got crazy. I refuse to pay over the retail price for this thing. $60 is the limit. It is not worth more than that. Any higher and one might as well purchase the real thing. That burnt me on the minis. Unless I can see it on the shelf, I am satisfied with what I have, the real thing. I wanted the SNES mini just for Star Fox 2. But now I am looking at purchasing a repo cart. I think present day Nintendo either hates us or they are totally incompetent when it comes to making money. These little plug and play units will sell. I don't understand the limited runs.

dustinb12- love old school turn based RPGs. And I still play Bubble Bobble myself. Oh and I have played Zelda games, the one on the SNES is my fave.

GamePayne- I am in my 60's and I am still playing video games. I will possibly retire in a couple of years, hopefully. (In a Darth Vader voice) I'm your father.
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@laughing robot Yeah, totally agree. I missed the NES Classic on launch day and refused to pay more than the retail price. Ended up getting it a few months later at Target. Had to go first thing in the morning and kept my eye on the trackers to make sure I got it right when it came in stock. For the SNES Classic I went to a Target that opened at 7am and I waited in line at 4:30am. Was still only 3rd in line. First in line was a guy who was there over night lol.

But to agree with you, I would not pay more than retail.
@laughing robot It's really good to have you here. Shooters are great. Zanac for NES was such a trip. Gradius and Gyruss too.
You want a shooter on the NES, Gun Nac and Crisis Force for the Famicom. Crisis Force never came to the NES, it stayed in Japan. It made you look to see if you were playing on a Famicom/NES. Amazingly the most impressive shooter on the system. Gun Nac I can play forever. Very weird.
I'll have to check it out, thanks!

Edit: OK, Gun-Nac is actually very similar to Zanac and even uses some of the same sprites and sound effects. I like Zanac's soundtrack better though. Both games are developed by Compile.

Tried Crisis Force too, but it's way too hard for me.

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