May 16, 2013
Hello there Nintendo lovers!!!
I'm slappybob and I love playing Ninteno Games. I've been playing Nintendo games ever since I was 3, my first console was a Nintendo 64 for my third birthday. So i've been around video games almost my whole live. My favorite video game of all time is a tie between Yoshi's Island DS and Pokemon Silver (orginal). I'm excited to share my thoughts about everything Nintendo with everyone here. :)
Welcome Slappy! I'm fairly new here too and this has been a really great place, I love it here and I hope you do as well! :)
Nintendo 64 is one of my favorite Nintendo systems, I still have my old purple one! Yoshi's island DS is a good game though I never got to finish it and I loved Pokemon silver, though my favorite was Pokemon yellow, loved having a pikachu to follow me!
Welcome again and help to see you around!
Hey! Pokemon silver, YEsss! That's the one ;)

The N64 is my favourite console of all time. It has everything a gamer could want in terms of genres and the most comfortable and ergonomic controller I've ever used.

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