Guess what I found...A functional NES with manuals, posters, 16 games--mario, zelda, kirby, etc!


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Jul 8, 2021
Hi all! First post here.

I was doing a junk removal job and was cleaning out the basement of a house, where several boxes (time capsules, really) were left, sealed. Upon cracking them open, since I'm always curious, I found newspaper clippings, baseball magazines, uniforms, etc--all from the 1980s--owner didn't want any of it anymore. Told us we were welcome to take whatever we wanted out of it.... so I did!

I was surprised to find a canvas bag, spilling out of which was a NES... where it's been, covered, for a very VERY long time--I popped in Zelda and MLB and played around for about two hours before I started getting the ill-famed 72-pin connector issues. I cleaned some of the games and the tray--did the old 1-2 wiggle--started working again. Next day, I get the blinking light, so I know that the games work and the NES itself works--the controller and AC adapter, too--it just needs a clean 72-pin connector, which I don't have time for.

I found it with 2 functioning extra controllers, the original power adapter, and the NES. All buttons, switches, and plugs work on the NES.

I also have 14 game slips--8 of which are the original Nintendo brand, 6 of which are aftermarket gamecase slips.

Here is the list of games. I have manuals for some.

Wheel of Fortune ( + MANUAL)
R.C Pro-AM - 32 Racing Tracks
Who Framed Roger Rabbit ( + MANUAL)
Nintendo Golf ( + MANUAL )
Capcom Ducktales
Top Gun ( + MANUAL)
***Super Mario Bros 2 ( + MANUAL)
***Super Mario Bros 3
***Super Mario Bros Duck Hunt
***GOLD 1985 3-screw Legend of Zelda
***Kirby's Adventure ( + MANUAL)
***DRx Mario ( + MANUAL)
Major League Baseball (MLB) ( + MANUAL)
Track and Field


I found with it a plethora of OLD POSTERS (Nintendo, GameTek, Capcom, Gameboy adverts, etc.) in stunning condition (literally haven't been opened in 20 years) as well as manuals to other games that I don't have anymore. I also have the customer information manual for the NES.

Such a cool find.

P.S: I am not sure how to add pictures, but if anyone can tell me, I'd love to show it off.

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