Hand-drawn Metroid game

Professor E. Gadd

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Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
Is anyone else getting tired of 3D rendered games with 2D gameplay? While I thought Metroid: Other M was a fantastic Metroid game, I still haven't given up hope of NIntendo giving us a real, classic 2D Metroid game with gorgeous graphics.

Considering how many beautiful hand-drawn games we have recently been getting on PSN and Xbox Live, it almost feels like a renaissance of good-looking 2D games. I want a Metroid with real sprites and 2D backgrounds. Heck, I'd probably even say OK to a remake of an existing Metroid game. Just want to jump and spin as Samus in 2D!
Metroid, Metroid 2, and Super Metroid need to be given Castlevania: Symphony of the Night treatment on the big screen in 1080p. Oh man, we can only hope.
Those are the good metroids, I love Super Metroid, just got it on Eshop and I'm loving replaying it on the gamepad :). You know what looks great, Yoshi's New Island, that game looks so beautiful. Although I'm pretty sure it's computer drawn :p

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