Happy Halloween!


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Mar 25, 2016
I've really messed up lately. Sold my game consoles in pursuit of PC gaming nirvana, never really was able to get what I wanted, and am back to square 1. Starting over with no game consoles and just a PC. I picked up a New 3DS though. I might take advantage of the Target buy two games, get 1 free deal coming up and get some games for it.

On the bright side, I'm learning consistency. I'm glad I'm not in some important position where I need to be consistent, but I have been kind of messed up lately. I am finding myself through something no one really teaches you generally or wants you to know, and that is meditation. I have also learned to accept that although I have schizophrenia, I cannot always blame the crazies or listen to what my doctors theorize... I also have to accept that deep down, I'm a conspiracy theorist.

People have been saying lately that these forums are going downhill, but I think if we stop the finger pointing at each other and witch hunts, things will improve. I'm guilty of being at least 10% of the drama oftentimes.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that now is a very weird time. We have Halloween coming up, a new console announced, and one of the most important elections ever, and the Republican candidate isn't even a straight conservative or non-conservative... he is something different entirely. He stems from a sort of completely different Tea Party emerging from the Republican side.

So although I don't get to say this often... I appreciate all of you. Game on. And... happy halloween!
@Shane dude, you are appreciated! If I may, I find you don't bring drama, you bring great opinions. And whether i agree or not, i always respect you. Sorry you got rid of some things, but I'm glad you got a new 3ds. What games are you looking at?

Happy Halloween. It's my favorite time of the year. Glad you are in a positive way. And no, i still refuse to touch politics here.:)
I'll probably get Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice, Metroid Federation Force, and a game called 7th Dragon III which is a Dungeon Crawler they say is like an easier Etrian Odyssey.

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