Hardest Game Boy Game you've ever played


Oct 26, 2015
Nintendo 64
You don't have to research what is statistically the hardest Game Boy game, but instead just speak out of experience. ^^

Personally, I found Wario Land II HARD back then as a kid. O_O Same goes for those Donkey Kong Land games. >_< Over the years I got much better at these games, but I still like to think back at how difficult they were to me when I was a little kid. ^^

What Game Boy Game(s) did you find hard/hardest? =O
It was not exactly a game, more like a bootleg of a Mario game. This is is the link to a random game play. I never passed from level 2, how much I hated that thing, ahah.
Black & White GB... probably Final Fantasy Legends 1 and 2... no they aren't final fantasy games actually lol, they are really obscure games.

Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge... yes it was on the GBA lol. But it was obscure and Hard for no apparent reason.
That would probably be Super James Pond... a game with one of the worst level designs I have ever encountered in my life. But I was young, and it was a cheap game, and I didn't know any better, so I wasted many precious hours just ... trying to beat it. I never did. I don't think there is an ending to it.