Harvest Moon: A New Beginning


Mar 26, 2014
Over the many years I have been gaming, one game in particular has always stood out to me, and that's Harvest Moon. I love the Harvest Moon franchise, and I have loved nearly every Harvest Moon game that has come along. Most recently is Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for the 3DS. I love it. You play as a young farmer that has come to take over your parents farm land. But there is trouble in the town; people have left and now the town is near on empty. So it's down to you to create a fantastic farm as well as help restore the town and bring in new people.

In my personal opinion, it is the best Harvest Moon handheld game in the franchise so far. Everything is customizeable! I was wondering are there any other Harvest Moon fans out there? And if so, which is your favourite Harvest Moon game and have you played the new one?
I think I have a Harvest Moon game, but I found it had a rather steep entry into gameplay. It just seemed like there was too much building up and not enough drawing in... Is the new game different in that regard.
It is quite different. I find the new one to be highly friendly to players just entering the series. It doesn't just throw you in, it lets you get familiar with it. In my eyes, it's the most friendly Harvest Moon game so far to new players. Another one that doesn't have a steep entry into gameplay is the Harvest Moon for Gamecube: Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life.