Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life


Feb 21, 2013
HM: AWL was one of my favourite games on the GameCube and I played it for hours on end :p I've made a couple files on it, but I think I'm about three-four years in with my main file. At first I wasn't too sure about it but it quickly grew on me. I'd really like to play it again, just so busy with other games xD

Anyone else a fan of this game? Who did you 'woo'? Favourite characters? Etc!
I don't know if I'll ever get to it, but I've been really wanting to play the SNES Harvest Moon games. The visuals and presentation just seemed a lot more appealing when this series was sprites-based.
I enjoyed A Wonderful Life quite a bit actually! My favorite was the nice seed girl down the road. :wub:

I especially enjoyed livestock farms. I found water the plants in this particular game to be unecessarily tedious due tot he lack of an upgradable crop watering device like you could get in many of the other titles. My the tme you've got a real farm on your hands, you have to water dozens of spots and I found the controls were often not particularly sharp enough. I was missing the spot routinely so I started working with the numbers and found a formula to keep cows in rotation enough to live off the milk. My dairy farm was a moderate success and I like to think wonderful cheeses were made all over the region from my cream.

That makes me want a more thorough Harvest Moon title. Like one where you could build a second tier farm. Like, if you focus more on plants, maybe there's a few choices of next level production you could get in with like a soup factory if you grow lots of tomatos and corn or a bakery if you grow lots of wheat. Livestock production could involve a creamery or cheese making.

Then again, maybe I've played too much minecraft.
So this was like a mix of Weed Tycoon, Farmville, and Animal Crossing? I have to admit I was never really interested in it because I love swords and these sorts of simulators just aren't my bag. Can you tell me what you really liked about them?
Probably one of my favorite games on the console. I still play this game whenever I can fit it in. Nami might be my favorite in the game. I know who my least favorite is, Van. God I hate him...
Being my first Harvest Moon game, A Wonderful Life was truly outstanding. This game was so addicting and genuine, I could never stop playing. This game is what introduced me to the Harvest Moon series and I still to this day love the series. Magical Melody is another classic. The game was so cute and whimsical. There was so much to do, and you had a lot more freedom playing it than you did in A Wonderful Life. The Wii installments of the franchise were also entertaining. Incorporating the Wii controls into a Harvest Moon title was genius. I can't wait to see what Natsume has in store of us for new Nintendo systems!
I think it was a really good game but it lacked some of the things which I like about other HM games. I really like collecting things and unlocking things and AWL didn't have that so much - it was still a great game and brilliantly done, but it lacked a degree of playability for me. It was a bit of a chore to get to the end (although if you haven't, you should; it's worth it).

I think Harvest Moon DS *might* be the best - it uses the same map and most of the same characters as AWL, but it's got the mines to explore and the harvest sprites to try and unlock ... I liked it a lot.

Mind you, I generally think whichever HM I'm playing at the time is the best. I'm waiting on Story Of Seasons being released in Europe.

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