Has anyone here ever owned a Gameboy Micro?


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May 10, 2014
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Where I'm from, the Gameboy Micro never really caught on. Only a few people I was acquainted with ever had one, so I've never actually used or seen one of these things in use. So, I ask you this: has anyone among you guys owned a Gameboy Micro? And if so, what is your opinion on the device? Was it just another one of those fad products, or was it really worth it?
I am a big fan of smaller-size versions of old consoles. NES 2, SNES 2, PSOne, Genesis 3, etc. But I did not buy the GBA Micro because its screen was just too tiny. They should have made the original GBA smaller and thinner without reducing the screen size. But to me, the GBA Micro was a failure for that reason.
I never heard of Game Boy Micro. I had to just Google it to see what you were talking about. They actually look really nice. It's looks like the smaller equivalent of the Game Boy. Like the Game Boy that was released around the end of it's lifespan.
I still have my Gameboy Micro. For me it was GREAT. I worked overnights at a residential treatment facility and that is originally why I bought it. We were allowed hand held games. This was easy to pause and throw in my hoodie pocket when I did room checks every 15 minutes. It's screen was surprisingly clear and not that hard to see. I personally love mine. Still have it.
Sure, I have three, actually. Two regulars and a 'Famicom Anniversary Edition'. :) Fun and neat little devils with LUSH displays, but sadly a bit too small for my hands to really enjoy.
I had to do a google search for the picture. I did not know that this existed. I wouldn't of mind having one actually. It be a key chain or something.

This is one handheld I've always wanted to own but just never got round to it. It's incredibly cool looking and very handy for a bit of gaming on the go. I could be wrong about this but the Game Boy Micro does look particularly robust. Hopefully, that would be the case as it's a device that could easily be dropped due to it's small size.
That's pretty cool. I had no idea they had made the Gameboy micro. As for me I owned Gameboy color, and the original Gameboy.
Same here, I never own or seen a Game Boy Micro. The smallest Game Boy I've own is the Game Boy Color (red) which I ended up giving away to my nephew after I finished Pokemon Yellow. These are pretty cool though, and I wouldn't mind seeing one in action.
As the majority of people here I never owned a GameBoy Micro nor remember it being sold here where I live. It seems like a smaller version of a PSP lol
AW YEAH! The gameboy micro is the best! I am 14, so as you can imagine I'm not the most interested in weddings or any of that crap. I just put my gameboy micro in my shirt pocket at my cousins wedding and i,m entertained for hours! Accept that i forgot the volume was on, and it is a digital volume so you cant just slide the thing down. There goes the pokemon theme song right in the middle of the ceremony. Still fun though!
I had one. Overall I thought its pretty cool. I have a Play-Yan for mine that allows me to play Mp3s and MP4 videos. The Play-Yan was Never released in North America so I had to preorder mine from Japan back in the day. it was pretty ahead-of-its-time for back then. I believe it was expensive around almost $100 I remember taking a long road trip and the two games I had was Harvest Moon and Monster Rancher 2. Good Times!
Awesome, i have the micro (famicom edition) but I coudnt get a, what i thought was a resonably priced play-yon. I do have an EZ flash though :/ Good song choices by the way!
Well I am pretty sure that there is cultural or geographic element at play here, because I was really unaware of this. Now that I see it though it looks really interesting, and I kind of want to give it a try. It makes me wonder what really goes into the decisions to release these things in certain markets but not others. Interesting stuff though, and thanks for sharing.
Back in my GS days we had these by the boatload and could not even give them away. Problem was back then when new they were 100 bucks. More than the SP model. DS launched the same year and 50 bucks more and few people bought a Micro. It became a pointless system for the time when DS played GBA games on that bright and bigger screen. GBA Micro is the Sony Mini Disc of Nintendo handhelds. Most see no point but the few who own it swear by it.
I had never heard of it until now, why didn't it make it big? It's nice and compact and I'm sure there must have been a lot of people that would be interested in a product like this back then. What happened?
This is a device that went wrong because they thought that's the way the industry was going. I remember when it came out, and only seen one person with it.

It was trash to me, and you could lose it so easily, I think that the small device was a flop because they just figured this was the best direction to take hand-held gaming, it's just way too small.
I ordered one online because I wanted to put it on my car keys to play Minish Cap when I felt like it, but when it arrived it was in such perfect condition I couldn't bear to let it get scratched.
I had never heard of it until now, why didn't it make it big? It's nice and compact and I'm sure there must have been a lot of people that would be interested in a product like this back then. What happened?
I said in the post above yours. It launched alongside DS in 2004 and DS played GBA games and DS games for only 50 bucks more. Nintendo did it as a fallback in case DS failed. Once they realized DS was a smashing success they quietly killed GBA line.

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