Has Pokemon Go made you more active?


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Jul 30, 2016
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All these people out there roaming the streets to find Pokemon are looking to be much more active than usual I would assume. I saw this one group of individuals in the news that were jumping out of there cars, and joining the crowd of people running down the street to catch Pikachu, it was pretty wild.

Has Pokemon Go made you more active?
Sadly no. I played it a little, but I got tired of driving to the nearest town in order to find anything.
well it has given my daughter and i a new activity to do together. We do go ride around and hit pokestops here and there. We also roam the neighborhood occasionally. It just gets old quick because yesterday it was 105 degrees here so we play in spurts. But yes it gets us out the house.
Yes it has but for many they are cheating the whole purpose of the game by using IP spoofers and automatically making it seem like they are somewhere else when they really arent.
Not really. I've always been a pretty active person so I wouldn't really notice a little extra exercise... What are these IP spoofers? Care to tell me more about them?
While it is nice that the game gets people up and moving, I still cannot help but laugh when people actually try to justify it as a sport and say that it is actually exercise. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, here, it is brisk walking at its best. That is great, but you would have to do a lot of it to have it count as a workout for most people. On the whole I think it is a good thing, though, and I bet that we see more if in the near future from other games too, which will be really interesting to see. Thanks for sharing.
Pokemon GO is still pretty new and so I think that it will have made a lot of people much more active, but if that trend is set to continue then we'll no doubt find out in a few weeks when the novelty as worn off. Personally it hasn't made me more active as I was an active person anyway, so all I've done is go to the same places I would do normally but even locally I have noticed a slight increase in people wandering around with their phones in their hand!
Well that was straight to the point @JohnLOL Is there any chance of maybe expanding your comment so we can carry on the thread or should we just leave it at that?

Pokemon Go is going to make people more active I think, there's no doubt about that due to the nature of the game itself, but at the same time we are still waiting to see if it's just going to be a fad that quickly fades away, or if the game is here to stay.
Never thought I would say this but yes! I find myself taking more bike rides / walks with my girlfriend because of Pokemon Go! It was a slow start for me, I was reluctant to download the app at first but with all the hype and attention it got I had to give it a shot.

I was surprised to find out that my girlfriend had secretly been playing for a couple of days! Since I live in the city there are Pokemon and Pokestops everywhere. It's quite easy to find them, a quick walk around my neighbourhood and you can quickly see how Pokemon Go has changed the game of interactive play.

Is this game going to make me super fit - definitely not but it sure is a motivator to go take a quick walk after supper.
I do not really think so, I have always been an active person ever since before the release of Pokemon Go, it's true that I have met a lot of people whilst playing the game out the street, but it did not make me any more active in any way, as long as I know, I have always been like this.
Well, I don't know if more active, but it has made me more reckless at driving, lol.

Now, being serious, I've only been able to dedicate one afternoon to it. Said day I walked 1.5 Km without noticing at all chasing pokemons from one place to another. I guess if you are really into the game, you could probably take advantage of it.
It's cool to see that there are people who still play the game even when it's rating has bee lowered a lot. All those people who started playing Pokémon Go must've ended up really fit and also really social.

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