Haters of Jigglypuff unite!


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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
Everyone hates Jigglypuff. I don't know why, but in Smash 4 Wii U, I have to overwhelming urge to punch him off the screen. Maybe it is because of that corny smile and plain old annoyingness! So post what you think here. :)
When I am playing Smash I think that I have the tendency to just fight jugglypuff for the whole match. The thing is she or he is so annoying and I can't stand it.
And look at who made this thread... The teen who now mains Jiggs in Melee! :D
There isn't much to say about Jiggs! Everyone hates her because there is so much to hate about her. It's a pink ball given the worst audio of the game with some of the worst controls.

Some argue that fighting her is fun. To a certain extent I agree but if I get thrown off the stage by her I happen to rage. This thread made me want to link the 10 hour Jigglypuff song Youtube video, but I'm not that evil!
Yeah I used to hate Jiggs but now I actually like him/her!
I don't hate Jiggs. I actually like him/her.
Well, I think it'll come as no surprise that I certainly don't hate Jigglypuff! I mean, listen to this! How can you not like Jigglypuff!!! It's soooo cute! :)
I can't hate on Jigglypuff! Big pink fluffy thing! In fact, I loved annoying people in Smash Bros by choosing it... Nothing more fun than making people sleep, hahaha.

... Aaaaand that song is stuck in my head now, thanks!

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