Having Mario Powers in Real Life


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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
Mario can do some seriously awesome stuff, including set people on fire and turn into a frog. If you could have any of his powers, what would you choose?

Here's what we'd pick. :)

Honestly, I think I would be satisfied just to navigate through pipes like he does, this city has too much traffic! Besides, it's almost like teleportation - that is until you take the wrong pipe and end up falling off the map :p
@LoyalServant I hope that travelling pipe power comes with immunity to smells.

I think I'd take the ability of being able to jump really high. I live by a pretty large amusement park that has a roller coaster with what they call five air-time hills where you basically go up and down these hills in quick succession. That part always made me feel like I was Mario jumping high up in the sky, landing and jumping back again. It's pretty cool.
Mario has indeed had a great many power ups throughout these past thirty years, offering a wide variety of abilities. However, simply put I don't think that any of them can match the usefulness of having extra lives! (Sure, having extra lives is ubiquitous within video games--but unfortunately that's not the case in real life!) ;)
The only power Mario has which I think I would love to possess is the power to set people on fire, don't get me wrong I'm not an arsonist or even close to it. But sometimes people say some awkward and yet silly stuff sometimes you just wish you could set them on fire....
Yeah, but here's the thing about tossing fire balls: it's the Mario power that's by far the most easily emulated in real life! (Using Molotov cocktails, a flame thrower, or what have you.) (Not that one should try to emulate it in real life! Far from it!)

For the sake of the fantastic, I would go for having extra lives, the Super Star's invincibility, the Power Mushroom's super size, the P-Wing's flight, etc before the Fire Flower's fire balls.

But that's just like my opinion man! Don't try and set me on fire if my comment was too awkward and silly! ;)
@aboleth_lich we need a 99 lives trick ;)

I'd like the power to wear a costume and get super-powers from it. That'd be pretty cool. Put on a doctor's suit, and you now have all of the medical knowledge, etc.