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Oct 15, 2012
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I have run out of component ports on my current TV and am looking to hook up my Wii and GameCube through HDMI. No official products from Nintendo exist for this purpose, but I've found several 3rd party HDMI adapters for Wii that claim they will allow you to connect through HDMI. The one currently sold on Amazon, however, has a lot of negative reviews, so I'm trying to find a better alternative. Anyone have experience with these things?
To be honest, I picked up the component cables for the original Wii back on launch day, when it launched in 2006. It was on sale for $9.99, but I had a friend who worked at the store, so I got it for $5 instead. Not a bad deal. So I stuck with that the entire time. Never needed the HMDI for the Wii. Nor did I need it for the Gamecube, as I just used the basic A/V cords for that.

I have a friend who is a real stickler for HD. Like, to a ridiculous degree. For instance, he had finally gotten himself an HD-TV, back when they were relatively new. And so he wanted everything to be in HD. And he had a 'Monster Cable' HDMI plug for his Playstation and Xbox. He got himself a Wii as well, but was furious when it only had Component Cables available, not an HDMI cable. He had open Component ports in his tv, but he wanted everything to be HDMI. He put up with it for a little bit, but eventually, he refused to play the Wii because it didn't have an available HDMI cord for it. It has converters and adapters and such now, but when it first launched, nope, it had nothing. Just Component.

My friend, tho, he went to a "ridiculous" degree with HD. For instance, if that wasn't enough to convince you. Here..... We used to have movie nights all of the time. Once a week, we'd get together and spend hours upon hours watching movies. We'd all bring our dvd's over, and we'd pick what we want to watch, and we'd just pop one in after another. This is before any of us bothered with Netflix, by the way. But anyways, after he got his HDTV set up, he refused to watch anything that wasn't HD. It seriously got to the point where he would happily go to movie night with us, but get upset when there were only dvd's, and no bluray's, which were still brand new at the time. So they were still expensive, and hardly had any movies on the format yet. But, in his new, snobbish ways, he would get upset, and refuse to watch DVD's because they were too "low quality", and he would leave. It's insane. Even to this day, he's like that.

Especially with games. If it doesn't have "realistic" graphics, he wont' touch it. All "cartoony" games, he refuses to touch. Like, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD or the new Duck Tales: Remastered.. nope, he won't touch them, because to him, they "aren't HD". For him, it has to have as close to "photorealistic" graphics as currently possible, at any given point of the generation. Like I said, it's gotten to a ridiculous point with him.

Anyways, I could go on about him, but I won't. So, back to the HDMI cables for the Wii and Gamecube. Again, sorry, I have no first hand experience with any of those, so I can't give you any real advice on those. My friend, who is an HD nut, doesn't even have one for either. I don't have one, he doesn't have one, and nobody I know has one. Everybody I know still uses either the standard A/V cords, or Component cables, for those systems. Nobody I know uses HDMI for the Wii or Gamecube. And I have no plans on upgrading my systems to an HDMI cord for those.

So, sorry that I can't be of help. I can try to look up some reviews for you, of random converters or adapters, and what not. Can't guarantee that I'll find anything worth your while. But I'm sure that there is something out there, somewhere, that people like. In the meantime, good luck with that. Hope you find something that works, and that you like. Good luck again.
yes indeed, mine is called wii2hdmi, and i loved it. i have a 50 in plasma with sony surround sound set up, and needless to say the wii downloaded n64 games were so blurry i couldn't enjoy them. ordered this off of amazon, and aside from declutterring cables it surprisingly straightened up the blurry Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros for me. i was playing Twilight Princess at the time and the graphics became noticeably more crisp. Now, you will never get true dolby digital surround etc, but through my sony receiver i got simulated surround sound, and in TP i noticed waterfalls running behind me and other new things. Gamecube games such as Sunshine and Double Dash sounded fantastic and were more visually crisp as well.

As long as you're not expecting this thing to upscale to HD (it's impossible), i highly suggest it.

On a side note, I'm not aware of anything for the GCN that converts to hdmi. i have the GCN that will accept the component cables, and the cheapest set i could find from Japan was 80$, so no go. i just ordered a wii2hdmi and played the games on my wii.

Hope this helped
The only thing I wish that wii2hdmi plug did was convert the already in existence cord into HDMI. That would save me the expense of another HDMI cord. It works great though, don't get me wrong, I just feel like they could have found a way to plug the audio/video cords into something that converts it. Perhaps I just want too much for my moneys worth. I believe it was only about twenty some dollars.
I bought Nintendo branded component cables for my Wii many years ago. They were hugely expensive in my country, almost double that of PS2 component cables (which also work on the PS3). Generally, I'm happy with the picture quality and don't feel the need to track down an HDMI alternative. The Wii doesn't output a high enough resolution, it doesn't surprise me that Nintendo didn't consider HDMI when designing the console.
I recently plugged my Wii back and started playing some games. I also purchased the Nintendo-branded component cables back a few years, but wow the graphics do look fuzzy even with component. It's still playable, but they really should have gone HDMI. I'm curious about the wii2hdmi now but I wonder how much of a difference it would really be.

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