HDMI Switchers vs. Splitters


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Hey gang, im officially out of inputs so its time to get everything neat again with the cable mess. So im trying to get the wii u and Switch hooked up together. Anyone use a splitter? They are cheaper of course but im leery of having problems. Just looking at the pros/cons and suggestions would be awesome!
Yeah they work pretty good! I use this right here.

It's pretty great. I first got it so that I could have more spaces to plug in consoles, now I have it to be lazier! I would reccomend getting an HDMI extension to go with it, that way you don't have to reach behind your tv every time you want to switch consoles.

If you get a long enough extension then you can be like me and just have it sit next to you on the arm of your chair. Then, since the remote undoubtedly fell into the cushions of the seat, you don't have to find it to change inputs, you just click the button on the splitter! Just as a warning, you can't use 4k with this splitter (not that I have a 4k tv anyways!) so you will have to just plug your ps4 pro / xbox one s into the regular tv input!
@Heigw Perfect! 12$, and 19 inch tail, i can make that work just fine. My problem is i just cant let my wii u go, and i don't have an input for the Switch and i really want it hooked to the stereo receiver. thanks!
I have a little KanexPro 3x1 HDMI Switcher with 4K support. It has a switch button and it came with a remote, but I never use either. No need to, because it automatically switches to whatever I have powereded on, be it my Switch, my personal laptop, or my boyfriend's spare laptop that I use for gaming. It's never given me any trouble, and if you need more inputs, they have larger models. I would toadally recommend it.


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