Headphones not working on Switch.


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Switch Lite
My parents brought my headphones for my Switch, so I could play stuff like Fortnite, y'know, average stuff with mics. But after a couple of times playing Fortnite with it, my Headphones began to not work. My friends would usually tell me my mic is glitching while playing, I even had to start twisting it around to make it go at certain angles, just so I can talk to my friends. But after a week or so, the headphones would stop working completely, even if I had the jack plugged in, the audio would only come out of the speakers. Last Christmas, my parents bought a perfect, good, PHP gaming Nintendo Switch Headset. I tried it on, it was the same result, the only audio would come out of the speakers, I am curious to find out what's wrong with my Switch Lite, please give me advice.