Hell valley sky trees?

How would you defeat a sky tree?

  • Hit a weak spot with a spin or a star bit

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  • They are totally indestructible

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  • With a well-placed ground pound or three

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  • Beat it in some sort of game

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  • Other

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Aug 10, 2018
ShiverBurn Galaxy
These are the three hell valley sky trees from the ShiverBurn Galaxy in World 5 of Super Mario Galaxy 2: hell valley sky tree, beyond hell valley and sky tree. They make three appearences, one in the ShiverBurn Galaxy, one in the Grand Master Galaxy and one in Super Mario 3D World 4-4. I came to this forum seeking the answer to my question: what is a sky tree?
@creeprkillr11305 wow, well i just looked it up and read a little bit, and no i didn't remember this at all. Looks like there is still no definite answer either. Looks some alien ghosts wondering what Mario is up to
Mario is a semi-comedic character. You can tell just by the shape of his 'Stache® that he doesn't seem to take anything seriously in most games. Unlike characters like Link Mario generally has a very smooth, undetailed texture, usually meaning that the game is more cartoony than hard and/or creepy, which is why Mario games are easier than Legend of Zelda games. However in Super Smash Bros Brawl he has a more detailed texture, and a more intense look on his face, which makes him look more like an actual plumber instead of a guy in his pajamas eating mushrooms and giving funny names to weird characters. In Legend of Zelda games Link takes saving Hyrule more seriously than Mario saving Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom. My point is, creepy pastas and easter eggs aren't exactly Mario's thing, but the only three sightings of these mysterious "trees" are in the ShiverBurn Galaxy, the Grand Master Galaxy and World 4-4 of Super Mario 3D world. Maybe these originated in a more intense game with a more thought-out plot, such as TLoZ. Not to mention Hyrule is a large area with a lot of secrets. There's bound to be a few easter eggs in there. The alien ghost theory is based on another appearence of the Trees in Super Mario 3D world and another easter egg, a UFO which can apparently be seen by looking through a specific pair of binoculars. The Trees are supposedly seen if you stay in a ghost house long enough, leading some to believe they may be a form of Boo. But there are a lot of theories. Some think that they are Endermen from Minecraft. Some think that they are Floos from Super Smash Bros Brawl. Some think that they are a mysterious enemy, who will haunt your games, causing them to glitch and look scary. Some think that they are some dumb easter egg, but clearly they are not. Nobody makes up a character as creepy as a hell valley sky tree and puts it in a game as fun and bright as Mario Galaxy 2 or Super Mario 3D world. As I said, this seems to be some sort of Legend of Zelda monster.
This is something I read. Again, with the type of character Mario is, and his naturally high-pitched voice, it's hard for him to scream without sounding funny. Seriously. Just imagine Mario walking along, minding his own business, when he turns around and he sees... something creepy that he's never seen before. "Wahhhhhhhhh!" he would say, unable to make any better scream for the occasion. So the monster looks at him funny. Mario clears his throat. "Wahhhhhhhhh!" he says again. The monster looks at him curiously. "That is my terrified scream." Mario says. "Oh," says the monster. Then there is an awkward silence. Mario breaks the silence, saying "Wanna go to McDonald's?" "Sure." says the monster. "I'll buy," says Mario, as they walk off into a green pipe as the screen fades to black.

Doesn't quite work, does it...

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