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Nintendo 2DS

I'm Atlas, currently playing "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on the Switch as well as "Ocarina of Time" and "Monster Hunter 5 Ultimate" on the 2DS. The 2DS is actually the first Nintendo I've owned since the Game Boy Advance. The screen is a bit smaller than I thought but it has great battery life and overall I enjoy my experience with it.

The Switch, on the other hand, would be the first home console I've owned from Nintendo since the GameCube. When I first saw the Switch trailer on YouTube, I told myself this would be the first console I would acquire as an early adopter. Lo and behold, nearly a month after its release, I bought my very own Switch and haven't regretted it for a second since. Not the most powerful console for sure, but by and far the most powerful and versatile handheld on the market.

I'm also a fiction author, poet, and freelance writer. I also work part-time in retail. I've performed twice as a stand-up comedian in some bar that no longer exists and I've been diagnosed with mild-to-moderate spastic diplegia (Cerebral Palsy).

I think that about covers everything, haha.

Glad to be here!


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Lafayette, LA
Welcome! awesome intro. Im a Zelda fan boy, but don't have BOTW just yet. I know it will consume my life, so i wanted to clear out a few games first. (Metroid Prime Trilogy) Also, with the 3ds library, there were some wonderful games to play you could probably get for cheap now. You came back at a great time!



Argh you missed out on some awesome Nintendo titles on Wii and Wii U! But it's all good, the best is yet to come. The Switch is a very un-Nintendo-like console, but I think towards the end of its life it'll probably suddenly become the most Nintendo-like console ever. Point is, while the Call of Duty type games might not look as good as they do on PS4 Pro, it'll handle them all like a dream and the roster of first party games will probably put all those third parties to shame anyways, as usual.

Are you picking up anything other than Zelda? Bomberman is a good one, if you have the patience.

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