Hello, just a question about cartridges


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Jun 3, 2018
Hello, so I beat Nemesis (the Gradius game on Gameboy) and I didn't get any end credits. The game just went directly to the second loop and I was really confused so afterwards I watched some Youtube videos of it and after you beat it there is definitely a credit roll. So I'm just wondering, could anyone provide an explanation for this (especially if you're familiar with this game)? Is it possible for a cartridge to be glitched where it skips credits? Any help is much appreciated.
Oh wow. Well, the only thing ive ever had come close to that is on my Gamecube used copy of Wind Waker. Early during the credits roll, it would glitch out then freeze.
Hmm... I have literally never heard of that game! Sorry! xD
You might have got a corrupted cartridge, likely caused by taking the game out the cartridge slot while it's still playing. I've had a similar experience with a copy of Pokemon Red, I accidentally pulled the game out while it was still going and after that it wouldn't load past the intro cutscene. :(

Ether that or the solder joints on the chips is dry but if that were the case the game probably wouldn't start in the first place so that's very unlikely.