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Jan 5, 2014
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This is my first post, and, well, I don't really like posting first to introduce me.

Well, this is a Wii U review, and anyways, let's get started.

NOTE: This is from a neutral view. Most of this is non-biased. Also, I don't have the Wii U.


OK, so the console is a good design a bit under and over the Wii (it wobbles around [but not literally]!). So, technically, the size is good and makes it a good compact-ish console. It has HDMI with up to 1080p, that's just good enough to see Mario in glorious HD! But maybe that isn't as good as it sounds. It's backwards-compatible with Wii games. That's GREAT!!!!



The GamePad...is the stupidest idea in Nintendo devices ever. We're up to the point that EVERYONE owns a tablet, including me, so who would use a GamePad?! Just link up the Wii U with your TABLET YOU ALREADY OWN!!! Anyways, it's still compatible with your Wii Remotes, so that's FINALLY GOOD. Second thing, the Pro Controller completely copies the Xbox controller. I'm right. So yeah.



The Wii U has a BUTTLOAD of first-party games. Let's see. The Wii U's exclusive 3rd-party title is...Lego City. WHO WANTS LEGO CITY?!?!?!?!?! I'm telling you, it's a stupid idea to make that an exclusive, or even CREATE THAT GAME ENTIRELY!!! Well, the score is at the bottom. It ends this section.



This might be ridiculous, but here are SALES COMPARISONS AROUND THE SAME TIME.

PS4 - 1m in 24 hours USA
XBOX ONE - 1m in 24 hours USA
Wii U - less than 500,000 in 3 months

Here you see the Wii U is poor in sales.



You are allowed to comment on this review.
i'll take you seriously but i am noting you don't have a wii u….

i really didn't like the gamepad, until i used it. It was built for Nintendoland and WWHD. The pro controller is the most natural feeling remote i've ever used, and it recharges and is good for appr. 40 hours.

games: i woulda agreed with you 2 months ago, but with Infinity, the new Mario and such we'll be busy for a while. the VC is to my liking as well. As far as Legocity, i wanted it until I realized it is 1 player. But you are correct, i am hurting without my NCAA football and WWE 14

sales mean nothing to me, because we are having a blast with what i bought. my nine year old figures into this as well.

your opinion is respected
I also read your review and it's okay to have opinions.. but using the Nintentards is kind of stupid and lame.
Say "XXX" if you are a Nintentard. Also, I don't have the console.
He's not very experienced for a troll. Can't possibly be older than 11 years old.
This kid doesn't know anything about gaming. Just a lonely fanboy who thinks better graphics makes better games. AKA he is a fail troll with no life.
...Wow. What is it with trolls these days just not putting their all into trolling anymore? Having read the title I thought we'd be getting something better than this, but it's all lacklustered. I mean if you're going to do this you could have used gifs, memes, videos, and loads of sarcasm... but nothing. So sad. They just don't make trolls the way they used to.

Scoring card:

Creativity - 2/10 for making a review for a product you don't own.
Originality - 0/10 because everyone bags on Nintendo even people who love them.
Pizazz - 0/10 because you could have done so much better. I mean you didn't even use whole paragraphs.
Bonus Points for Humor - 1/5 because this should have been at least interesting.

Final Score: 3/30*
Verdict: Troll Harder Next Time
xXRevolutionXx said:
Say "XXX" if you are a Nintentard. Also, I don't have the console.
If you don't have the console. than you can't make a review. you are nothing but an epic fail troll kid. who knows nothing about video games. I can write the same review for the xbox and playstation. But I'm to good for that and I will not waste my time on it, like you just did with the Wii U. You have way to much time on your hands. And you really need to grow up. You are a virgin for life, living in your moms damp basement eating cheesy poofs and gaining weight. You also have no future, So you just might want to end your life right now. you are just making this planet to crowded. If you can't think of a way to end it all. look it up online. But you are to busy playing the overrated game COD online with your non gamer friends that will never hang out with you in the first place. You will never get a good job. or any job for that matter. you will have to sell your stuff to get food and you will end up homeless on the streets begging people for money. This is what your future WILL be LIKE. So you might as well drop out of first grade. because your education is NOT helping you get far in life. So in the next ten years. you will be holding a sign on the streets that will say "WILL WORK FOR FOOD, BECAUSE I'M A FAIL TROLL WITH NO LIFE."

Your insult of Nintentards doesn't hurt anyone. So how about this. How about you just climb back into your mothers womb and come out when you mature. But that will never happen. And I know you are going to reply to this, and type in more idiot stuff, thinking that you will have the upper hand. But in reality, You might as well sell the stuff you have for food. and make that sign, that I've stated above. Oh another thing for you. AT LEAST Nintendo makes consoles that work. and sony and microsoft can't even make a working console. Even the 34 year old Atari 2600 still works and your fanboy consoles that you play COD, just doesn't.

Your IQ is a negative 200. If you don't know what a negative is, here is another hint for you. While the rest of the world has a great IQ over 128 like me. your IQ falls in 200 below zero. So congratulations!!! you are the lowest life form on this planet. a tick has a higher IQ than you do.

Also. here is something that you will find shocking! There is more to life than Video games and Call Of Duty and Minecraft. If I was you. I wold go outside. But wait a second. Trolls will turn into stone if they go outside. You have no life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life, No life.

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I have one question and one question only. Have you ever played a Famicom or a Super Famicom?

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