Aug 16, 2020
I'm so happy to have found this place! I've been looking for a place where Nintendo fans join up and talk for a good while. I play literally anything video game related, but Nintendo is much more of my jam. I play just about anything on Switch (over 300 games). Smash, Mario Kart, Pokemon, Overwatch, and Splatoon are my usual online games so if anyone is down to group up or trade or even battle let me know!

...seriously, I'm glad I found this place. It's difficult to make new friends in the real world as you get older (30 years old) and during this pandemic. I would love to just honestly talk games and play if possible.

Hope you're all well!
@happydude633 well hello and welcome new friend! I think you will love it here. And i understand completely. I just hit 40 and well, people my age that enjoy Nintendo are few and far between. I long for the days of piling up in the living room and playing Double Dash or Wii sports bowling. As least the family plays Animal Crossing with me! Please make the rounds and check us out here.
I plan to be a regular haha. I've been looking at convos to see how people are and you mostly all seem pleasant to be around. Is there a place where we share Switch FC's or can I start a new thread asking if anyone would like to play Overwatch or other things? I was looking for a thread of rules, but didn't find anything. Can someone help a newbie out please? Thanks!
@happydude633 we still kinda use "Share your Nintendo network ID Thread" but if you have any question if a thread already exists, i would use the search bar. I can't tell you how many duplicate Pet Threads I've made over there years!
I'm glad you messaged us on Twitter so your account could be rescued from limbo. 300 Switch games, holy cow.

Edit: What a coincidence, I actually just finished season 1 of the original Muppet Show, it's a total time machine. I plan to watch all seasons, movies, and TV specials. Fozzie is the man!
Thanks again for saving my account! I love it here. I used to be the Editor-in-Chief of my own site and I got a ton of indie game review codes so it really added up quickly haha.

Fozzy is the best! Wocka wocka!

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