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May 2, 2021
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Hi guys,

I hope you all are doing well (y).

As of lately, things have been a bit strange and stressful, however, after much reflection and thought this past month, it seemed best to continue coming out of my shell a bit, as I seem to be back in a position before struggling some.

Hoping you are doing well, I know how it can feel; Please know I am thinking of you all as of lately and that you have a awesome day (y).

Thank you all for your time, and I look forward to continue this journey ^^.

Heya Mike!

I know I have been quiet a lot to anyone else reading this post, and I apologize for that.

There has been a bunch of stuff going on in life lately, so hopefully things will settle soon.

...Before I continue typing...I really wanted to apologize to everyone who may believe my account has been inactive.

I was feeling...I don't really know...yesterday, and I should have learned more about how things ran and not taking the front stage.

...I guess that is about all for now, but I will do my best to not make the same mistakes again.

Any way, I didn't want to seem too quiet again...

Hoping everyone has a awesome day ^^.

...It was during the days when I had a account named on another website, "goldstarmaniac"....lol


...I continually made threads of my huge passion to play Mario or Undertale every day... lol...

...And, now, with myself succeeding I have a better hope, lol...Boo, :p.

I should help y'all as time goes by. It was difficult having to wait at times, but, it paid off in the end.

It was just really unexpected how it all happened that I signed up here. I'm thankful for life a lot, now, outside of being a teenager .

I better stop there, though. Anybody feel free to message me if you may need anything .

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