Help me find a game I played a long time ago


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Aug 22, 2020
Nintendo DS
OK SO, I'm pretty sure this was a thing but I barely remember it, but it keeps knocking at the back of my head. SO HERE'S WHAT I REMEMBER!

SO there was an old DS game or something that had little monsters or whatever (NOT POKEMON) And the MC got on a red bus or something and went back in time did some shit went back to the present and everything was messed up and all the parents for some reason were all arguing

I remember getting stuck at a part that was underwater... or blue... and I couldn't get past vents or something like that with the bell looking monster thing
No... I did manage to find it after way too much time. I wasn't too far off I guess. It was
Elebits: adventure of kai and zero. I'm honestly surprised I managed to remember as much as I did
Dang, glad you found it~~~~~~

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