Help me out - I have specific tastes and need suggestions!


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Mar 12, 2015
Nintendo DS Lite
Hi and thanks in advance. I am needing to know about any and all DS games that have a similar feel to these games:

Later Castelvanias or 'Metroidvanias', Resident Evil series, NES/Master System-era platformers, earlier corridor shooters such as Wolfenstein and Killing Time, 'adventure' RPGs such as Zelda and Golvellius but not standard turn-based RPGs such as FF or Dragon Warrior, interesting homebrews, 'retro remakes' of classic games such as the recent Ducktales Remake, and anything else you think is good fun and might fit the bill.

Have fun -
I am a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, and I must say that I enjoyed the story in Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories. It does not have the same battle/attack style as the original Kingdom Hearts for PlayStation2 or 3 (where you just push a button and attack) instead you have to collect cards and build a deck. I am still working on a full 100% completion of this game, but I am playing the PlayStation3 remake and aiming for trophies. More of strategy game than anything and really helps to fill in the gap between Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. Seems to be more perfect for the DS as well. has lots of busy work to it if you know what I mean ^^

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the fine suggestions, but I'm just not a fan of that series. I have watched my wife play them all for years, and even had a go myself. I vaguely recall running around some sort of village, at night, using a spikey-haired boy (or girl?) and not exactly having the time of my gaming life, heh. :confused:

Thanks again, though!

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