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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
Help guys. I need some help on a gaming tag. My usual gaming tag now is Y0shiM0n, but I don't know if I should change it, because all of the top Smash players have short remember able names, like ZeRo, Mango, Mr. R, etc...

So what do you guys think I should do? Thanks for the help.
Honestly, I like your gamertag. It's recognizable, it's unique, and it shows your appreciation for the Yoshi character. It's up to you, but my vote is stay with it and build your reputation. People will remember your name when you stand tall over their vanquished lifeless body, screaming to the heaven's in victory!

LOL okay I will keep thinking about it. I will most likely stay Y0shiM0n. If I change it might just be to Yoshimon or Y0shim0n
@Hyrule Chicken Though the only problem I have with it is that I feel like I have to play Yoshi at Smash tourneys and other stuff...
Nah, don't let your gamer tag decide your character! It's just a handle so people recognize that they're about to get their butts handed to them!!! :)

Maybe your character has a Yoshi tattoo, or is the illegitimate child of Yoshi and Princess Peach! ;)
LOL. I will keep thinking about it, and if I find a better name, I will take it (Like Shadow Unicorn ;)), otherwise, I will probably stick to Y0shiM0n.

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