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Mar 2, 2020
Idk where to post this

oki so I put my 3ds SD card into my computer to move something over (I can't remember, I think it was a photo?), and when I put it in and tried to open it it just immediately closed. I thought it was really weird and put it back in my 3ds and the background was blank and all of the games I had previously downloaded were gone (only system software was left). So I thought the computer may have deleted everything or something and I used a program called Recuva to try and get it all back. I think it worked but the files are all unordered and jumbled and I know that they all need to be in a specific order for them to work properly. So could someone please tell me how to reorder all the files or a better way to do it that will restore the SD card to its original state? This is very important to me and any help would be amazing! :)

Thank you for reading this, even if you don't help <3
OH goodness, sorry that happened to you. I've never even heard of this, i sure hope someone here knows how to fix it so we can all learn. Wow
Did the computer ask you if you wanted to format the card and you said yes accidentally?
I don't think there is a way to recover what we deleted on an SD card, right?

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