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Hey everyone! I'm new here so I would like to start by introducing myself, I am Almar and I run a website called Almar's Guides that as of now primarily hosts guides for an older MMORPG by the name of Everquest.

EQ is one of my favorite games of all time and is one of the main reasons I love Retro games so much. That's why I choose to spend so much time writing guides for it to help people out who also enjoy the game. More recently though I have decided to start expanding my website to other games, non MMORPGs even. And that's part of the reason I am here now!

As many of you guys probably know finding information for some older games can be like finding a needle in the haystack. And when you do find good information sometimes it's inaccurate which just makes things worse. I have been doing a lot of googling the past few weeks and what I have been doing is combining all the information i find for games, formatting it in a way that is easier on the eyes and of course, testing codes to see if they work.

As of right now my project is only 70 games in but most games have a basic tips/tricks/cheats page that will be expanded on in the future and a page for Action Replay and Game Genie codes. Here is a list of all the games I have covered:

Super Nintendo Game Genie/Action Replay Codes/Passwords

And here is an example of what one of the finished guides looks like:

Earthworm Jim 2

I'm not stopping there though, right now my main goal with those guides is to collect information on each game and format it in a way that doesn't kill the eyes after making sure it's correct. After that I play each game and break it apart more professionally, as seen in these guides here:

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Walkthrough

Lost Kingdoms (Gamecube) Walkthrough

I only write expansive guides for games I really enjoy though and since I work alone my website will never be as large as say GameFAQs or something. However, my website is completely free and always will be. I do this because I love doing it and I would like to preserve this information that way future generations can go back and enjoy these same games as I have done.

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