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I'm Connor. I'm a weirdo teen moron person guy who likes Nintendo. Everyone else I see is either just into Playstation, or just into Xbox. I'm just into Nintendo.

My first handheld was a GBA SP, and got Mario Kart along with it. Looking back, my brother says that the Mario Kart copy was his, but it didn't matter anyway because I played it the most. I still play both the GBA SP and Mario Kart. I can glance to my desk and there they are.

I also have a GameCube with Super Mario Sunshine (which is still my favorite game in all of ever).

I'm actually more into 3DS and Wii U now. I do have a Switch, but since I don't have many games for it, I go back to the Wii U more than I used to. My favorite Wii U game is Super Mario Maker, and my favorite 3DS game is Miitopia (but since that just came out a month ago, my favorite game before that was Mario Kart 7).

If anyone wants to play an online game with me, I'm totally up for it. I have Mario Kart Wii (I use Wiimmfi for online since Nintendo WFC died, which also means I have a modded Wii. Fight me), I have Animal Crossing New Leaf, MK7, MK8 and Deluxe, Smash Bros. (3DS + Wii U), Arms, and Dark Moon. (I don't have either Splatoon game, so don't ask. I'm considering getting Splatoon 2, more likely than not, but for now it's a no.)


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Lafayette, LA
welcome, I'm only Nintendo myself. Right now I'm playing BOTW on wii u and Yokai Watch 2 for 3ds. Yes I'm too old for that but it's laid back fun!

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