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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, I am new to nintendo forums so it's nice to feel like home here. I am just a regular highschool boy who has big dreams for a new series in Nintendo. The new series is called Arcadia, a story that takes place many centuries after the events of Alice in Wonderland.

Keep in mind that none of these events never happen in the real Alice in Wonderland just in case those alice in wonderland fanatics just rage over it like "that didn't happen, hating this right away."

Anyway, here is a little prologue to the story.

The universal creator, Erohi, created 3 gods to create a perfect world for him. There was Ethos, the eldest and idealistic child; Logos, the intelligent middle child; and Pathos, the cute and youngest child. They all eventually completed their tasks of creating the world called Wonderland. After Alice and her friends killed the queen of hearts, Ethos started to see the world as ugly and flawed, so he decided to take action to erase everything in the world and start over. He rounded up the Runeshadows, a cult of people who worship Ethos, and ordered them to take control of every area around the world. They were successful with their world domination and the only thing left for Ethos to do is to overthrow Erohi's position as universal creator. The two fought brutally against one another and it they both lost in a tie, sealing eachother away. The runeshadows started to lose their grip on the world as Alice and her friends saved Wonderland once again to peace. As a result, the runeshadows try to find a way to revive Ethos by engaging in activities such as sucking the life force out of the planet.

A prophecy was written on the ancient tablets that Erohi will rise again as a white-haired boy with bloody crimson eyes to win in a race to regain the throne before Ethos does.

A prince by the name of Seungli saw a whitey haired baby sleeping quietly in an abandoned temple, which he decided to take home to adopt. He named the boy Jack and treated him as if he were his son. Surprisingly, Jack was not like other children who pout and throw tantrums, he instead was polite, helpful, and warm-hearted. As Jack turned 14, Seungli decided to train him to go on a journey the prophecies have stated so.

So yeah, you play as Jack, the one who will stop the Runeshadows and restore peace in Wonderland.

Now for the game, it is a hybrid of a Platformer and Beat-em-up, making it like mario and bayonetta mixed together. As Jack, you can use Parkour skills to dodge enemy attacks and run across platforms with back flips, wall jumps, etc. You know that opening scene in Sonic CD where he makes all those stunt tricks? Jack is pretty much doing the same thing, except he is not as fast as Sonic (why couldnt sega make those tricks in the games T_T .) For being a beat em up game, I will make up for the quickness of the parkour skills by making the combat really fast paced.

For Jack, he has a trademark ability for using playing cards for attacking and mobility. What I mean by that is he can use a sword made out of cards to slash his enemies and use the card riffle shuffle technique to spring himself up to higher platforms. Overall, the game is going to be fast paced, so how will this look when the game comes out? Sorry if i am being too confusing for the plot.
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Very creative! Thanks for sharing the story and a belated welcome to the forum!
Yeah, sorry but I changed the storyline to fit it in more to a different plot since this story is a bit too similar to Maplestory.

First, there is no Erohi or the three gods he created. There are only 2 creators of Wonderland, Llorac and Siwel. Llorac is the evil younger twin brother that wanted a world of chaos and destruction, but he was unable to as his true power was sealed by his dominant but peaceful older twin sister, Siwel. Siwel created physical strength while Llorac created mental strength, both major factors of Wonderland.

Jack is not a reincarnation of Erohi since Erohi is removed from the plot. He is instead the descendant of the Queen of Hearts, making him segregated from the village. However, a Princess named Victoria cheers him up to the world and decides to accompany him on his journey to stop the Runeshadows.

Jack now uses a lance to attack. He can upgrade it throughout the game by beating levels or getting the right items to craft it. Also, he can get more skills by levelling up.

I will ask more questions on how to make this the best possible game it can be. I am planning on making it a metroidvania and beat em up style game, similarly to Dust Elysian Tail. Check it out and see what I can do to make out of if other than the combo mechanic.
But I was thinking of making Jack a boy who has his soul fused with the Cheshire cat's so he gained cat ears and tail and he can shapeshift. I was thinking about this because I can add new mechanics for gameplay variety like throwing your own body parts at the opponent or enlarging your fists to smash enemies.

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