Holiday gifts?

Yes, actually I did. First of all I got the new Smash Bros GC controller, which was awesome, because the one I had before was getting messed up. I also got a Mario mug! Take a look at it below:

That is the one that I have.

I got more presents but that is all of the Nintendo related stuff.
well, since you asked: Super Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolley World, Yokai Watch, the big yarn Yoshi amiibo, Mario's 30th anniversary amiibo. My daughter's Elf on a shelf brought her Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. I cannot wait for my days off

Big big happy! and Merry Christmas everyone!
@YOshimon yeah, games are expensive so i wait till Christmas, and those will probably last me the year. Im a big fan!
We're already taking turns on Woolley World, so you can see it's more of a family thing.
Yeah. Despite being a Yoshi fan, I don't own many Yoshi games; mainly because they are mostly on handheld Nintendo devices, in which I only have the GBA. So next year I am hoping to get Woolly World, but for now, I have a lot of video games to catch up on.
I can vouch for Yoshi's Woolly World being a pretty good game.
@GunGunW: have you tried it with another person? this is the first 2 player platformer that actually feels natural to play with someone. which made it the perfect family gift
I got some good stuff, but as far as gaming I got a new charging station for the GamePad and two remotes (including two rechargeable batteries, that was cool!) and an eShop gift card. I haven't used all the credit, but I did pick up EarthBound and I'm really enjoying it so far!
Happy holidays, everyone!
I mostly got PlayStation stuff this past Christmas but in terms of Nintendo I got Code Name STEAM and Persona Q!

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