How do you Think Nintendo E3 went?

How do you think Nintendo E3 went?


  • Alright. :/

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Sep 16, 2014
Wii U
I think it went great! Since I don't own a 3ds I skipped most of those parts, but I think the Wii U parts went great! I am soooo excited for Star Fox Zero and Super Mario Maker! :D So how do you guys think it went?

Mario Maker was amazing. I am hesitant about buying this game, because I am afraid it might consume me.
well according to Yahoo, the world is ending due to Nintendo blah blah blah. I'm excited about Star Fox and that Zelda game looks pretty fun. And we are all obligated to play Maker. How could we not?
I'm thrilled for Star Fox and looking forward to the new Smash Bros. stuff. I'm still unsure about Mario Maker... seems like the kind of thing I would've loved 10 years ago, but though I'm sure I'll like it I've yet to see if it'll be something I enjoy playing for a while at a friend's place or something I'll go crazy about.
The main games that I'm excited for are Star Fox Zero, Mario and Luigi Paper Jam and Yoshi's Wolly World
To be honest, they had a good announcement or two, but I felt like the other showings outdid them. I was hoping for so much... more.

Some of the games admittedly look very fun and entertaining, while I think they just came up short of say Sony or Microsoft this year.
Oh I didn't watch Sony's or Microsoft's parts, since I just own Nintendo consoles. ;)
I smell a HIPSTER *sniffs* (jkjk)

Seriousness though, I own everything or try to - I'm a gamer, I'm not a brand consumer or conformer. I need all consoles to play all the games I enjoy. Thats why when they announce next gen I'm like >.< there's 1k dollars again.
LOL. I smell a LIFE WASTER *sniffs* (Jk, jk :D) But yeah, to me, no other console is worth buying unless it's from Nintendo.
Nintendo had another year where they ran into 3rd place and maybe worse since there was so many other company conference. Sqaure had one of the best, Bethesda was good. So add those two plus a great Sony and good Microsoft you see Nintendo running into 3rd. They showed a few games people want, but nothing there that said I needed to go out an buy a Wii U.
That's exactly how I felt, Christina. You nailed it in words perfectly. That's how I'd rate it. Bethesda live-stream was nice to watch too. And the remake announcement FF7 definitely made Square the talk of the house, but they probably intended that from the get go. Crafty Japanese. ^_^
Actually Star Fox looks pretty good. At first I was getting flash backs of Robotech for the original Xbox. Jet mode then guardian mode and so forth. It looked nice, but just a tad behind what it's competitors are coming out with. I thought the use of the control pad was interesting with gameplay.
After relooking at the Star-Fox, it DOES look good, but I have to say you nailed it - it's just behind what others are coming out with. Not bad persay; but it feels like that should have been a 2012 E3 reveal or something. Not knocking it by any stretch; I loved/still love the SF games - I just hope it works like they said it would.
I'm excited about Super Mario Maker and Star Fox Zero.

I think Nintendo have given up on the Wii u and are now focusing on the NX.

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