How exactly would you create a new Zelda game?

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Jun 24, 2013
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I was just thinking about this yesterday. If you were to design the new Zelda game, to your EXACT preferance, how would the game be?
For me, it would be semi-open world, with a story quest built in-sort of like a combination between Final Fantasy and Elder Scrolls. I would like to see a deeper story line and a more advanced combat system, while still making the game kid friendly. Perhaps they could even add the option of gaining levels and learning new skills.
i dig your idea, the zelda games always feel as if they don't want to lean too far one way or another. my fav all time game is Wind Waker, especially after the HD treatment, but if i could build one for the wii u, i would like a darker theme like TP or MM. also i would like to see a good dose of Kingdom Hearts thrown in= leveling up and magic, just not nearly as complicated
In order to keep the game's kid friendly mentality, I guess you couldn't make the level system too complicated. They could however, provide different game modes-a basic for kids and an advanced for adults. It might also be cool to have large cities in the game.
How I would exactly create a new Zelda game?

Well, one thing is to start changing the narrative a bit to where there’s a bit more detail to things other than the ice queen behavior of the Zeldas in the franchise
(except for Tetra, because she was honestly the best Zelda that actually apologizes directly to Link and other aspects I’ll keep to myself).

The Zelda games that actually have darker themes and even a psychological mind-blowing effect were Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess. I felt that’s something I would want to emphasize more to have gamers speculating things on what it would be like if another Link failed in his journey (which I believe was confirmed for Majora’s Mask on Link not being able to fulfill his journey). It’s that time of integration that will have people applying psychological and philosophical standpoints to truly define where the game is trying to get at.

Another thing is actually making a Zelda that would probably like Link more than just a friend. The Zelda from Skyward Sword had potential of that, but seeing how
it was obvious she was the reincarnation of someone that’s probably thousands of years old would be near creepy if Link liked her, and vice versa for Zelda.The thing is with Skyward Sword is that there were obviously going to be implications that Link's and Zelda’s spirit would be reincarnated in some way, so at some point there would be an implication for eternal lovers.

Because if it’s just eternal best friends vs. an eternal rival, it kind of makes things look like a curse rather than something for them to strive for. You know, the whole love prevails all, and how the power of love can defeat the greatest of evils. Another thing I would want to integrate in a Zelda game is having more Zeldas being more vicarious and empathetic of Link’s position.

As much as I love The Legend of Zelda franchise, all but Tetra and SS seemed to garner apathy for Link in some way. They just knew he would be the Hero, and it kind of bothered me how rarely any of them would show some sign of appreciating Link more. Tetra from the Windwaker completely evolved mentally, and I feel that may have been when she was linked to acknowledging her true self. Especially since the one from Skyward Sword connected with her history as Hylia.

I wonder if that was the trend for all Zeldas, but those two are the most prevalent in becoming more reserved and mature. Other than that, those are a few aspects I would create and emphasize in a new The Legend of Zelda game.
Good analysis of the Zelda series. Now that you mention it, Link does seem rather unappreciated. No one seems to take the poor guy seriously. Perhaps they could dabble in that concept on the next game.

If they included a more detailed story, it would allow us to learn more about Link. Perhaps he could be the "tragic hero" of sorts; who; through his unappreciated efforts, has become someone bitter and jaded. He no longer looks at the world through the eyes of a curious child. Instead, he is relegated to performing his "duty."

All of this would somewhat dimish the game's "child friendly" atmospher however.
I'd start by calling Lindsey S tirling to be a voice-actor in the game, and possibly help with the soundtrack :D

I would definitely add some dark elements and a Sephiroth style enemy (but not as dark as him), as well as include a cool new character. Of course, in the beginning the new character and Link would be enemies, but they'd eventually unite to defeat the evil and thus become good friends.

Another idea would be a mash-up. Kingdom Hearts did a great thing with the Disney/Square thing, why not create something like that? :D
Not a bad plan there. I think it would be cool if you played Link for half the game, and the new character on the other half. Zelda does need a new; memorable enemy for the franchise. I agree that he/she should not be as dark as Sephiroth though. After all, it's supposed to retain its kid friendly quality.
If anyone can pull this off, it would be Nintendo! ^_^

I hope someone from the company will read our comments! Maybe we could start a great idea, and they can turn it into awesome games! :D
Avernus, I especially hope they read out comments on the ultimate Mario game. More people have been adding their ideas, and what a game it would be! I wonder how much Nintendo does see online posting? If they were smart, they'd have paid people looking at forums like this. I agree, Nintendo could pull off an awesome Zelda game;they have many times before.
Let's occupy the internet in order to attract attention! :D

And then, maybe, someone from Nintendo will se our awesome ideas on this forum, and voila! :D
Well first I'd have to look at what makes a Zelda game appealing to me. Zelda is appealing to me because of the questing and because of the world mythos. Therefore my game would be targeted at quests and investigating the mythos - so it would tilt more toward something like Elder Scrolls. However, it would not be purely open-world because I hate glitches. Also there would be opportunities for things like getting sucked into different realms or reflections of the world. Perhaps that's the storyline. You have to find the Shards of the Winding and reconnect the MacGuffin of Whateverness so as to Reset the World/ Fix your mistake(s). Sure why not? I think there would have to be a range of environments because the world is what I love the most I think so there might be sailing and islands that recreate certain things from older games. There might be some be some introduction to environments that traditionally haven't been explored... who knows. Still I think that's a nice place to start - but no romance. I hate romance unless it leads to tears like in that other Dragon Age game.

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