How far can you take the Wii U Gamepad away from the system?


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Feb 19, 2016
Nintendo DS
One of my favourite aspects of the Wii U is the ability to wander away from the system with the Gamepad yet still have it work. My apartment is small enough that I can go just about anywhere in it and the Gamepad will continue to function - though only to a point. If I take it into the laundry room, for example, it will usually cut out. Even the edges of the kitchen get a bit iffy.

What's the farthest you've managed to take your Gamepad away from the Wii U and still have it work?
My gamepad seems to be able to go Around my living room. If i try to get it into my bedroom it stops and i cannot go into the kitchen. I wish i could play Mario maker in bed so bad....
My current apartment is about 300-something square feet, or 100 square meters. It doesn't seem to handle more than a few meters and a single wall, if that.
It's still pretty useful. :D
Yeah, the signal really suffers with walls. A have a relatively thin wall between my living room and the bedroom, with even a doorway to go through, and I still have trouble making it work from bed at times. Anything within line of sight seems pretty danged good, though.
Mine is wonky. Sometimes the console can be set up downstairs and still work upstairs, sometimes it won't work just down the hall from my bedroom.
I am able to site in an adjacent room... about 20 - 30 feet away. I really hope the NX perfects the tablet and implements sound cross over play!
I live in a one bedroom apartment and it barely makes it to my bed from the living room. If lay on the left side of the bed it doesn't work, lol. Gotta stay on the right. It's about 5 steps from my system to the bed, with one wall in between.
I am able to site in an adjacent room... about 20 - 30 feet away. I really hope the NX perfects the tablet and implements sound cross over play!
If it is going to replace Nintendo's traditional handhelds, yes, I would certainly hope so. A handheld you can't take out of the house would be nigh-useless.
I think they will do it right. I look at games like Super Smash Bros and feel okay about the NX. You can buy Smash for both Wii U and 3DS, and then use your 3DS as a controller for the Wii U. When you do that you use your file data from the 3DS. I think this is a good sign for things to come. I just hope you don't have to buy the game multiple times.
Yes, good point. That would be atrocious if they forced multiple purchases, particularly since other release venues (Steam, PS4) already support cross-console play. Then again, Nintendo does like to release multiple iterations of games with different stuff on 'em... we'll see, I guess.
Indeed, they love to release the smae games over and over... for the simple fact that we keep buying them lol. I'd love it if the pad for the NX was a true handheld. I mean the wii U pad is good and all but I always wanted an update or an addon to increase the range of it.