How hyped are you for Zelda U?


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Apr 26, 2016
Considering the recent news about Zelda U being the only game Nintendo will bring to their showfloor during this year's E3, and also knowing the series' overall quality, we can safely assume it's going to be an awesome game (we don't know if it will live up to the expectations, though, only time will tell). People who have managed to catch a glimpse of new footage have even called last year's images and videos as embrional.

So, how hyped are you for what is going to be Wii U's swansong?
I'm not a huge Zelda fan but the open world has me interested. So I'm definitely much more hyped than usual.
NintendoReport showed me this...

Not going to play the Wii U version, but possibly excited for the NX one, depending on how well the new controls will be implemented. If they force gimmicks on us again, like nunchuck/remote wagging or mandatory second screens, then it will be another distraction from what's probably going to be a great game.
While I myself aren't a huge Zelda fan either, I know a lot of people are but it just seems a bit of a risky tactic this that Nintendo are doing, just to rely on this one game, no matter how good it's supposed to be.
I am really disappointed about this upcoming E3, to be honest. Nintendo didn't have a great E3 last year, so I was hoping that they would play it safe this year. It looks like they are going in the other direction, with only Zelda Wii U/NX being there. What if you are a Nintendo fan but not a Zelda fan? I like the Legend of Zelda games, but I am not that much of a fan. I beat Wind Waker HD, but that is it. I am disappointed.
^ I hate to say it, but I'm a little bit of the same way. Give me something more robust, like a new Golden Sun or The Last Story :/
I have only seen 45 seconds of this game. What I seen is enticing but not seen enough to have much in the way of feelings either way.
Considering how little we know of it, I can get neither more nor less hyped than I currently am. I am almost dead certain I will buy it, but I can't say I'm waiting with bated breath.
I'd have to agree. No matter what I expect Nintendo to come out with a well-polished game. I can't say if it will set the world on fire, but I will buy, play, and enjoy it.
I'm super excited for the new Zelda, wish it hadn't gotten delayed to March to release alongside the NX next year but eh, better version and all that.

Mostly excited to have a name so I can stop calling it Zelda Wii U and Zelda NX.
I think that all we can do is just sit and hope for the best. While speculation is obviously going to be rife, as others have already said, we simply don't know enough about the game to judge either way at the moment.

Excited or disappointed, well just have to wait for the outcome.

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