How many 3DS games do you own?

Bought my first 3DS on Black Friday. Picked up Pokémon X, New Super Mario Bros 2 and Ocarina of Time.

Haven't played a ton of OoT yet because I'm working on TP on Wii U. But Pokémon X seems fun (my first Pokémon game), and Mario Bros is excellent.
Bravely Default, Mario Golf world Tour, Luigi's Mansion,Yokai Watch, FANTASY LIFE.
Is Mario Golf fun @dustinb12 ?
I used to play lots of Tiger Woods back in the day. But that's obviously a very different type of golf game.
@MilkBone very fun. I've played more hours of this than any other 3ds game. the 3 main courses are realistic and can be challenging. Their are many other themed courses that have power ups and such. One under water, one by Peach's castle, etc. You win money to buy clothes and gear to change how you play and your stats.(Like the tennis game.) Their is also a good bit of DLC that adds a ton of golf to play. Plus online tournaments. Check it out on miiverse, its still very active. Ive played Tiger myself, but this game is the one i can't get enough of. Highly highly big time suggest if you like golf.
Thanks @dustinb12 ! I'll check it out. A lot of titles I have to catch up on lol. I like that you can earn money to buy things.
I have seven titles onto me. I've once played Puzzle & Dragons Z quite frequently.
Thanks @dustinb12 ! I'll check it out. A lot of titles I have to catch up on lol. I like that you can earn money to buy things.

not to beat it to death, but i got have to say the replay value is ridiculous. The gear/clothes will give you incentive to keep trying and play everything, but the tournaments are the cream of the crop. Every month they give you 4 to 5 tourneys to play which earns you outfits and whatnot that you can't buy. Also you get world rankings if you're into that kinda stuff. I guess what I'm trying to say is even though the games is a few years old, its still quite alive and well. I'll stop now, its just a game i really do love!
No worries @dustinb12 I completely understand talking up your favorite games. I'm probably the worst at doing that. It seems like my kind of game. I'm definitely gonna check it out.
Roughly 23 games. Notable standouts being:
Monster Hunter Generations
Kid Icarus Uprising
Zelda Link Between Worlds

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