How many Game Boy Advances did you go through growing up?


Apr 20, 2013
I tragically went through 4 Game boys' in just 2 years. My first Game boy fell in my swimming pool just because my small curious mind wanted to see if the Game boy was water proof. My second Game boy got destroyed when my I left it on the floor and my mom accidentally stepped on it. My third Game boy got stolen when I brought it to school and still to this day don't know who took it. Finally my fourth Game boy was attacked by my dog which thought it was a chew toy and bit it to pieces. What's your Game boy story?
My brother had one that he kept for a while.
I lost one, and didn't know where I lost it, so I had to get a new one.
Wow... I've still got the first one I've ever had. It is in one piece and honestly looks new. Which just goes to show you that I haven't done too much with it.
I first had the regular old Game Boy that I bought from a friend for only $5 haha, I used it to play Pokémon Red and Blue. Then when Pokémon Yellow came out, I was tempted to buy the GameBoy Pocket, but I waited for a bit and ended up buying the GameBoy Color. It was Teal coloured, and to this day I think it's the most beautiful GameBoy ever created. Later on, I upgraded to a translucent-purple GameBoy Advance, in which I played more than 1000 hours of Pokémon Silver.
I never had a GameBoy Advance SP, I upgraded directly to a Nintendo DS later on, which then I upgraded to a DSi and I have yet to buy a 3DS.
My first one stopped working for some reason at one point, but I played it a ton so it wasn't a huge deal. My second one was fine and I sold it to afford my DS. The second one was an SP, and I got a decent price for it because I take very good care of my posessions. The guy who bought it from me was kind of a jerk, but at least he paid promptly.
I actually never had a GBA growing up.
I had a Yellow Gameboy Pocket and an Atmoic Purple Gameboy Color which (unfortunately) got stolen from me on the bus mid-play :(
Well I once lost my Gameboy advance at a resturant after I placed it on the ground next to my other belongings. I was very surprise someone would steal it because I looked everywhere for it. Sadly I had to go buy another one and I haven't losed that one ever since. I been more careful with my belongings.
One, I am very reponsable with my expensive electronics. I'm almost obsessive when taking care of them. I have a 8 year old DS that looks and plays like it was bought yesterday.
Do you know I was expecting you to continue with point two and maybe point three? Like seriously I was just looking over like you were going to come back and type some more... I may need more sleep.
I still have my original gameboy, but it looks like it went through a tornado. I first got it back in 2003, it was my first personal handheld gaming device. I would play on that thing almost every day. I bought another GBA SP from a friend for $10, I thought it was such a great deal.
I never bought the original Gameboy Advance. I got to play my friends, for a while. Which held me over. By the time that I was ready, and able, to buy my own, the SP version was coming out. So I bought a GBA-SP. And I still have it to this day. My coworker had a second job at the gamestore. So it was cool, as he's the one who got us into the Gameboy Advance. He talked like 12 employees at the job we shared to all go and buy GBA-SP's. Even the Manager. So we would make trips to the game store when we knew he was working. And what was cool was, he would let us take used GBA-SP games out of the case and play them on our own personal GBA-SP's. We were allowed to play whatever we wanted, as long as we stayed inside the store with it. So that was awesome, as I got to play a lot of games that I would never of gotten to play otherwise. That's what really got me into handheld gaming. Playing a ton of games, that I ended up liking, for free. Which got me to buy a ton of GBA games. And, he got my our other coworkers to buy a bunch of games, and even link cables, and we would all play at work, when we were supposed to be working. Good times.

But yeah, that got me into handheld gaming, and then the DS really got me hooked on handhelds. That said, I still have my GBA-SP. I had the blue one. I loved the small clamshell design. It fit well in all of my pockets. So that was awesome. It still works. All of my gaming systems still work. Even the original Gameboy, and all of the way back to the old Commodore 64, and everything in between then and now. So, to answer the question of how many I went through... just one. With all of the wear and tear that I had with the game, it still works as if it's brand new. So just the one.
I've only had one GBA SP. My baby brother threw up on it and it still works to this day. Kind of disgusting at the time knowing that your best toy had sick all over it, but luckily it didn't damage anything at all. My cousins on the other hand went through too many to count. They were kind of sore losers back then, and I saw many a GBA fly through the air in rage.
I went through four. I had terrible luck with the GBA, it was mostly my own fault for carrying it around with me everywhere I went. The first GBA I lost was during a flight from NY to California. I left it on the plane somehow, I honestly didn't even remember putting it down, but I must have.

Directly after that flight I bought a new GBA in California. Well, I was just there on Vacation so my family and I spent a lot of time at the beach. While at the beach I had the fantastic idea of carrying it in my pocket while I went into the ocean. Long story short, that one was a goner now too.

A little while later I finally got my third GBA. Was really excited about this one. I brought it to my friends house at one point though, and they were convinced it was *their* GBA, because they couldn't find theirs. I didn't want to get in an arguement over something so trivial so I went ahead and let them have it.

That brings us to GBA four. I joined a bowling team at one point and the prize for first place was a brand new GBA and the Pokemon Red game. After winning the GBA my brother was complaining that it wasn't fair that I had one and he didn't, despite the fact that he didn't even join the league so it made sense. I got tired of him complaining about it and decided to cut my losses and give it to him as a gift.

Now I have my fifth one I got only about 2 years ago, and I've managed to hold onto it just fine. I think being older and less willing to give it up has made a big difference. That and not many people are trying to get their hands on these anymore, they are more interested in the DS and the 3DS. Hopefully this will be my last GBA for good.
Rose... I don't know what to say - you gave up two different GBAs because you didn't want to deal with drama... I would never have done that, because I grew up without money and ... no. I mean was your friend's GBA even the same color as yours? And your little brother can just kick rocks. I'm sorry, but naw man.
I still have my GameBoy Color, Game Boy Advance & GameBoy Advance SP. Still trying to get my hands on the 1989 GameBoy and the GameBoy Pocket And the GameBoy Advance Micro. Those are the only GameBoy systems that i don't have yet.
I got mine from my nephew who took care of it and it is still working fine. I have no idea how old these little game systems actually are, or when they were made, but When he gave me his Game Cube he gave me the GA along with all the games for the Game Cube because he'd gotten both a WIi and the newest Playstation. I wasn't complaining. I finished wearing out the Game Cube and got another one. I also have N64 and a Wii. :)
Only one GBA. It's a red SP and I still have it to this day. I still play it actually, it doesn't have too much wear and tear or anything either.
I had two. One that was pink and then one that was red. The pink one got stolen so I got a red one and that one has tragically past on. I think I spilled something on it one too many times and I had to get rid of it. I still have the thing for the Gamecube to play my games on though so I guess that's something.
Throughout my gaming years, I have only had 2 Game Boy Advances. My first one was a silver metallic one and I had that one for the longest. I played so many games on there, and have so many memories with that thing. I played my first ever pokemon game with it (Pokemon Ruby), and pretty much every Crash Bandicoot game for gameboy. It eventually broke after 3 years and I replaced it with a green Gameboy Advance.
Well, when the GBA came out I was already an adult and paying my own way in life. I bought the handheld about a month after it was launched and it's still in near perfect condition, I like to take care of my stuff. A few years later I picked up a GBA Sp and that's also in pristine condition. So I own 2 GBAs, with their original boxes and manuals in tact.

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