How many people had/have the following systems?

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
Atari Jaguar?
Sega Dreamcast?
Sega Saturn?

I still have the top 3, but never had the 3DO :D
Dreamcast - check
I have a Saturn and a Dreamcast. Play em both quite often alongside my other systems. SEGA consoles are pretty sturdy and last a long time but no one seems to know about the dreamcast which is extremely odd.
Dreamcast is a very unrated system. I really felt like the game burning helped to kill the system. There were a bunch of games that were fantastic: Crazy Taxi, Shenmue, Soul Calibur, etc. I STILL play Typing of the Dead! I'm pretty sure Guilty Gear X was for that system as well. Loved that game. The system had a built in modem for God's sake!
Super. Under. Rated.
Sega! Seriously though I don't have the Dreamcast, but I do have a Saturn. So there is that. I need to find a Dreamcast though so I can have like the collection of Sega gear. I mean I even have the portable. I wonder where I could get my hands on one? I might try some of the junk shops around here.
What about Action Max? It's a video game console that you can play with VHS tapes. You plug in the Action Max to the power outlet. Than you stick this special device on the bottom right of the tv screen. You put the special VHS tapes into the VCR and you play the video and you use the light gun to shoot for points. and the points show up on the console. I seen the AVGN video on this. Never knew about Action Max, until I seen it.
...Wow I thought I was the only one - oh you've never played it? I had a cousin with it, and we enjoyed much in the way one enjoys tumbling down steep hills... we were such strange children back then.
Sega Saturn and Dreamcast are on my shelves. Both are great consoles and should be in any true game enthusiast's collection. The local game store imported a few Atari Jaguars and I tried out a demo model. My perception of this particular console is not positive at all. It's really Atari at their weakest. Plenty of poor design decisions, starting from the horrible gamepad.