How Much did you use your hookshot?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
In any Zelda game that has allowed it, how many times have YOU used your hookshot just for fun or to be lazy and shortcut an area because you see something you can grapple on to?

I know I'm not the only one who loved that thing. There has to be other stories of good ol' hookshottin' glory.

I was challenged to play the entire game (as much as I could without having to use other items to get past a certain area) use the hookshot to murder everything because there was a hitbox and it would do damage. It was a fun challenge to say the least!

So leave a story, and let's share tales of windmills and trees (and fence posts) that looked so good you just had to fling your hookshot out!
The hookshot is probably my favorite item in any Zelda game ever. I remember in Ocarina of Time (the original glitchy N64 version) I would always use it to get to places I probably wasn't supposed to. I seem to recall Gerudo Valley had some particularly glitchy areas, but it's been a very long time since I played.
Yeah, the two best areas to Grapple around were Glitchy Lost Woods and Glitchy Gerudo Valley. I remember getting link onto ledges that "Didn't exist" (he was standing on midair but not falling) - I'd experiment with this to shortcut areas and get to heart container pieces that otherwise involved an in-depth strategy. Good times.
I used it a lots lots lots of timers^^ So many things that I shot at, just hoping for some strange reason that my hook would hook onto it^^ Ii just super fun to make Link fly around all over the map on that thing^^
I learned it was a pro-way to pull yourself across the desert in Gerudo Valley, too. From those posts with the flapping pieces of fabric(flags) to guide the way through the desert storm. Pretty fun too.
How many time did I use my Hookshot? As soon as I got it I used it almost every time I got the chance. It was one of the best items out of all the Zelda items ever offered in my opinion.

There is definitely places in the game to make your hook shot shoot you to places you can be almost off the map ( hovering ) IT was a blast to see where I could get to that I was not supposed to not be able to get to.

What was your favorite place to hookshot to?
Anywhere I could see wood exposed was fun. This majorily happened in the lost woods, kokiri village, and Gerudo Valley.

Try it even on non-wood spots. Sometimes it would pull you anyways instead of hearing the trademark "tink" noise that means you failed a grapple. It amazingly was fun going through some trees around the map too.

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