How much does 3D influence the console's battery life?


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Apr 26, 2016
I've never used the 3D feature much, considering I've already got sight issues, but, while replaying games like OoT3D, FE:Awakening or KI:Uprising, I noticed their graphics truly shine with it. However, I wonder how much it influences the console's battery life on both the short and long term (my old fat NDS still lasts 4-5 hours, so I'd like my 3DS to go just as far).
That's a good question, I haven't actually took time to notice.
I always play with 3D set to the maximum, and my brightness level at 4. Rough estimate is that my 3DS lasts for about 4-5 hours (note this is a rough estimate). I have a New 3DS XL.
Oh and I play with headphones.
Basically, it will last 25-30% longer with 3D turned OFF then with it ON. Some on some google research and sounds right from my experience.
I was also going to say that they estimate the battery to last 25% longer with the 3D set to off, and while that might be an option if you're struggling to find a place to charge, I've never really seen the point of buying a 3D device, if you're going to turn that function off.
Well I cannot really say with any certainty that it does, but every logical thought would tell me that it does. I am not sure how much, but I would be interested to see some kind of study where it compared the 3D and the non-3D, and now that I think about it might actually be less than I expected. Companies often think of these things and adapt, so I would hope that Nintendo would be one of those companies, but who knows I guess. Thanks for sharing.
In my opinion I think Nintendo lost their bets on the 3d for 3DS. Sure it looks great, but the fact that it hurts your eyes is a turn-off for me. You wouldn't want to try something if there's a potential that it might hurt you in some way or another. From what I see, a lot of 3ds owners, including my cousin, didn't actually rely much on the 3d function. Most just use it for some "wow" moments when there's a pretty cutscene or memorable moments in the game, then they would turn it off and play it the old way.

And then there's the fact that no many games looks great with it. You got some great ones, like Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 3d land, the Zelda games, and......that's it? Others like Fire Emblem didn't even look that great on 3d.

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