How much time did you spend fishing in Ocarina of Time?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
From different lures to the fact the iron boots could weigh you down to the floor, I experimented with a vast array of tricks. I even tried purposely flinging it at the fisherman, and to my surprise you could actually pull off his hat! Man, those were the days.

I spent a lot of time fishing and reeling it in, because on the 64 controller it was so fun wish rumble on to feel the fish yank and run. It actually put you into the game, and to this day I love this sidequest area.

Anyone feel the same?
I would do fishing to pass the time, and would spend hours doing the fishing and hoping to win the money when the catch is good and sometimes just do the fishing portion in the game to earn a lot of money and than buy what is needed. I did have some struggles in the early part of fishing as I had to make sure the balance was right or, the line would go the other way and not get the fish. I did like the music playing in the background and also how you could do tricks and sometimes got the fish by fluke a chance which would not usually happen other times.
Or still having to reel the fish in across the sand/dirt area. You figured they'd have had a net or auto-reel in from a set distance, but dragging that fish sometimes was a reeaaaal pain and challenge. Made you feel accomplished for landing a record setting fish in the fish tank there to be sure. I even fished after I got all my rewards out of there.

Nothing like the Hero of Time just not saving the world and taking a moment for himself to fish.

Ganon can wait.

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