How much will Nintendo NX cost?


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Aug 28, 2015
With a new console, there's always the question of how much it will cost.
The Wii was priced very, very nicely when it came out and I feel that a lot of people bought it for the fact it was only $249.99 at launch.
Obviously the NX probably isn't going to be that cheap, but what would be the sweet spot in terms of pricing for you to get a Nintendo NX at launch?
Do you usually get a console as soon as it comes out or do you wait a few months for the price to drop?
We'll have to wait and see what's in it, but hopefully around the same price as the competition. ($400)
I agree with you regarding the starting price for the Wii, and in fact, that was a deciding factor on me buying one. One thing that always kind of bugs me when I get a new console, is that I feel I'm nickel-and-dimed with having to buy extra controllers, sometimes an HDMI cable, a classic controller, etc. I wish there'd be a good bundle, nicely priced that has everything I want straight from the start.
Hopefully Nintendo will see the light and price it competitively, just like the Wii. I'm not expecting the NX to be incredibly powerful and since there's a possibility that it won't come with an optical drive, that lowers the cost significantly. There will always be a place in the market for a console that is affordable to the masses but provides a compelling gaming experience. Nintendo is just the right company to move forward with this. In fact, every time they did they had a massive hit on their hands.
I agree! Nintendo did a fantastic job with the Wii. The only problem was its availability, I remember looking all over for it. Unfortunately, this marketing technique works very well for Nintendo so I suppose we can see it happening again in the future.

As mentioned above the importance for me is that everything is together so that I don't have to go around buying different composites to make the machine work! Usually this isn't a problem for Nintendo - hopefully they don't follow their rivals trend!
It really depends on the type of processor they have that will determine the overall initial cost. I would like to think that Nintendo would beef things up, but I'm going to assume that they will be under powered again for the next console war, and they are coming in at the second half of the life span of the ONE and PS4. This reminds me of the Dreamcast all over again. A under powered unit that jump start the competition to only meet it's demise, even though it was sold for under $200 usd. I'm going to say that the Nintendo NX will be priced at the same region as the Wii U when it was released.

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