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Mar 25, 2016
I went to the doctors for a checkup early today, on 4 hours sleep and no breakfast. While in the waiting room, I heard two nurses having a long, detailed conversation about blood transfusions. It made me sick and I about passed out. The person that was with me remarked I looked pale.

Then I got home and found out my account had been hacked. Luckily, some fraud prevention masure kicked in to prevent my card from being charged. I deleted all my info anyway.

So that's my day. How was yours?
I'm really sorry about all that @Shane. i got hacked a few years ago. They opened an eBay account, bought themselves a washer and dryer. The authorities wanted me to press charges. HELL NO they have my name, address, phone number, ss#. Thank goodness it was a credit account,i didn't miss a beat. If a debit/checking account gets hacked: lookout

i myself had a great day. Went to work, came home to my lil family, ate a bowl of ice cream while my daughter played TPHD then went to bed.
Sorry to hear about sucky days!
Mine was fine, worked on accounting from home (boring, but gotta get it out of the way), spent time with my youngest daughter, then went to my ex's place, put the girls to sleep and we watched TV and ordered tacos.
Now I'm online and gonna game a little before bed. A fine day!
I opened this topic. I am now closing the tab.

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