How often did your play N64 games in multiplayer?

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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One of the most striking features of the Nintendo 64 are the four controller ports in the front. This was revolutionary at the time, as most consoles would only come with two. It's obvious that Nintendo intended the N64 to be a multiplayer dream machine.

Fortunately, this was a feature that was utilized by many gamers. I purchased extra controllers and invited my friends over for multiplayer rounds of Mario Kart 64 & Goldeneye. Everyone had a ton of fun, some of my friends even purchased their own N64's after experiencing games in multiplayer.

How often did you play N64 games in multiplayer?
I used to all the time with my younger sister, we used to have a blast. Me and her always played Diddy Kong Racing together. We used to always play Mario Kart DD on the GC too.
That's really great to hear. Yeah, Diddy Kong Racing was another great racing title that should've been in every N64 owner's collection. The N64 definitely made for one of the best consoles for gaming with the family. A little of that magic has been lost with the modern consoles, local co-op is just not popular anymore which is sad. I hope that Nintendo focus more on this feature with their upcoming console.
All the time. Barely solo. My friends and I always partied. Goldeneye. Perfect Dark. Diddy Kong Racing. Mario Kart. Anything big enough for fun party games - even Waverace was hellafun.
Lots... It was great, having friends over and putting on a bunch of games to play together. I loved that, and really miss it in the current generations, where very few games allow that.
Lately, one of the games my friends and I gather with snacks and trash talk around, is none other than the Xbox 360 remake of Perfect Dark.
We still have reunions to play those old N64 games, too... Bomberman, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Diddy Kong Racing, Battletanx, Rampage... so many classics!
Goldeneye was by far the best multiplayer game at the time. I was pure carnage to be playing against everyone. We had the South Park multiplayer that was terrible to play, and Diddy Kong Racing. That was part of the addiction. Being able to beat all of your friends and start trash talking.
I feel like The Nintendo 64 was smart with the fact that it came with a 4 controller port. You could argue that this fact alone changed the face of gaming, and it was the first to really make use of multiplayer.
I used to play multiplayer on Goldeneye 007 all the time with my older brother and his friends ("No Oddjobs allowed!").
Eventually we stopped playing Goldeneye because Rare decided that they would take everything that was awesome with Goldeneye 007 and make it 100 times better.
They called this legendary game Perfect Dark. My favourite level was Felicity :)
@sleepypuff I absolutely agree. Goldeneye 007 paved the way, and Perfect Dark just hit it out of the park. It's too bad they were never able to recapture the same magic in the sequel; Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360 was meh at best.
Just played my friends N64 with him. Go figure, what was loaded in the console? Golden Cart Zelda OOT, and beside it, Goldeneye 64/Mario 64/Mario Kart. Fun night of nostalgia.
The N64 is still a classic in my mind and the multiplayer option made it so much better!

I have to admit I occasionally still play with my friends! When were all together all someone needs to say is that they want to play a game of Mario Party and no one can resist! Honestly, the best Mario Party games are on the N64 - the classics rule!

Goldeneye was the one I played multiplayer and Mariokart. It was too easy to cheat when you knew all the levels in Goldeneye. All you had to do is run behind someone and hit them with the karate chop.

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