How to convert save data from one SD card to another SD card


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May 12, 2015
I apologise if I'm under the incorrect board, but I really need help. I have a ~2 gigabyte SD Card with Pokemon X on it, which is unplayable because it says that I must update it to play it, but the problem is that I can't update it, as I don't have enough space left on it (I've deleted everything on it aside from the game) is there a way for me to add this save data from this SD Card into my other SD card? And if so, can you carefully guide me through the steps? I have many shinies and legendaries that I cannot lose, and I don't want to corrupt my save data, thanks in advance! (Sorry if I'm too vague, it's hard typing on this small Phone screen)
What do you mean by "updating" a card? Maybe it's it asking you to format the card, not update it?

If the card is not corrupt, you can transfer Pokemon X data to your PC. If you don't have an SD card reader, you'll need to borrow someone else's. Then transfer that data from the PC to a bigger SD card.
I didn't mean the card, I meant the game (Pokemon X) required an update before I could install it. I'll try what you said, and transfer it to my computer.

EDIT: I just found a guide on how to do it, and I did every step, but it won't appear in my library or even my Saved Software Titles, but I did notice the amount of blocks went from ~76,000 to 60,720, which is about the size of Pokemon X, so I believe it's on my SD Card, I just cannot access it

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