How to fix the blinking light on the NES console.

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
I've seen a lot of people that will blow into the console or the NES carts itself, Or both. This can damage your games. The reason the NES gets the blinking light, is that the game cannot not be read by the console. The teeth in the 72 Pin connector spreads open. So what you have to do. is take apart the console. remove the 72 pin connector from the motherboard. & carefully bend the teeth back. Or you can do what I did, when I fix the NES console. I bought a new NES 72 Pin Connector. And replaced the old NES 72 Pin Connector in the console. Now I have no problems starting up my NES games. It works like new now.
I think I mentioned this in another thread: The new pin connectors do not need the cartridge to be pushed down into the NES. I have the original and a refurbished and with the refurbished you just have to push the game into the console and it will play without pushing it down. Not sure why that is.
That is how the pin connectors spread. There is a reason the game needs to be pushed down. I've taken apart the console myself and replaced the 72 pin connector. And I had the same console since the 1980's.
Shwah? I guess what I am really trying to get to is WHAT is the reason it needs to be pushed down? The refurbished ones do not need to be pushed down and I am just curious why this is.

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