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Apr 15, 2015
Wii U
Hey guys I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on how the NX can become a success and to also get your opinions on the matter as well.

1. Reasonable Price - I hear a rumor that the NX is planned to be priced under 200 dollars because this is an awkward time to release a new platform in the middle of a console generation and Nintendo simply doesn't believe people will spend over 300 dollars for a new Nintendo system when people already have purchased ps4s and xboxones as they are still ongoing.

2. Solid Launch Titles- The Wii U failed at having great launch titles at launch. This time around things need to be handled with better time to have good games at launch and within the launch window.

3. 3rd Party Support - When the Wii U was first announced there was a lot of 3rd party support promised and it never really came to be. According to rumors, Nintendo has been aggressively seeking 3rd party support as of late. That could be for last minute Wii U support but, I think they are planning on titles for the NX.

4. Brand New IP at Launch - Nintendo should have a launch title that is a brand new at launch but, something different that looks promising and would garner quite of bit of interest. We all know that Nintendo makes the best first party titles.

5. No Gimmicks - I think its time that Nintendo sticks with focusing on making great software instead of gimmicks that can cause 3rd party developers to stay away or not port their games that they make for other consoles. Due to control limitations. I note that some games still would not be able to be ported due to hardware limitations.

6. More Amiibo and Compatibility options - Amiibos are a big success for Nintendo right now and they are popular with collectors. However some of the Amiibo compatibility options are a bit underwhelming. Most just unlock costumes or upgrades in some fashion. There need to be more games where you can scan the amiibo and use it in the game similarly to how you can on Mario Maker. Now I know its impossible to make every amiibo compatible in that way but at least a handful should be in some games and possibly more added in updates. Imagine being about to scan Kirby and Captain Falcon on Mario Kart and instead of just getting Mii costumes, you could unlock them as racers. That is the kind of thing I'm talking about. Also the library of Amiibo figures should continue to grow as well. Personally I think they should do Mario Kart Amiibo with the figures actually being the racers in their karts.

7. Remasters - Some games are close enough to the NX launch but, have not been out too long on the Wii to possibly be added to the NX library in a remastered form. One example would be to Port an updated version of Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, or Super Smash Brothers with all the DLC included as well as additional content. One example of this is when Sony ported the remastered version of The Last of Us to the ps4. It included all of the dlc as well as additional content.

8. Wii U and NX Release of the new Zelda - I believe this should be handled in the same fashion that Twilights Princess was released on both Gamecube and Wii.

Alright those are just some of my ideas guys and if you want to see more of my software ideas check out my youtube channel.
If I remember correctly, Wii U confused a lot of potential buyers because they thought that it was extra accessories for the Wii. So hopefully this has a better name this time around. I totally agree with your points as well.
Very true I still talk to people who think the wii u is just a gamepad for the wii.
thats all great ideas. what i would love to see one day is the ability to upload some of these hardcopies to a system, for example MKDD, Mario Allstars, etc. i know this would eat memory and in their mind, they would lose $, but i feel like it I don't need to keep buying the same games I've bought since 1986, or keep all these systems hooked up somehow somewhere. I love my Nintendo, but it really hurt my feelings when they charged me 1$ to move Donkey Kong/Pacman from one screen to another on the wii u. And hopefully, all these downloads on my wii u will move over with me to NX. Cuz we all know we buying one
I have commented about this on other threads in this forum. I'm sure my opinion will change as the days goes by. Nintendo has some serious work ahead of them if they plan to stick around the marker for very long.

I think the bottom line is this, Nintendo has to decide whether they are going to follow the two gorillas in the current market or do as they normally do, and use gimmicks and wacky controllers to edge out a little niche where they can survive and not be a major threat.

It seems that the trend that works is to come out hard with the most recent tech and outperform your competitions version of the game. I don't know if Nintendo would want to do this, but it seems to be the way to success. Nintendo could implement that strategy and at the same time, use their mascots and party games as usual.

I think the market since the years of the Wii. That was a good time for gimmicks and mascots, but not anymore. It's all about sleek black consoles that are head to head and uses the most recent tech muscle. If Nintendo were to do that and add their mascots, they might have a chance.

But it seems that they will fade out like Sega did years ago. Man was I bummed about that.
I'm going to differ with you. In my estimation there are two components to a successful console: innate value and novelty. In my estimation, the latter point is one at which all console makers have failed for at least a generation: Sony and Microsoft through the inexorable merge with the PC space, becoming in essence, the dedicated mid-range PC platform battle; and Nintendo through the slavish adherence toward a gimmicky integrated hardware/software mentality that has functionally robbed it of any notable third-party offerings.

The former point is one of those alchemical formulae that, in the current market, consists of power (which equates to generational longevity), online services and arcade mentality. It is this point at which both Sony and Microsoft tower over Nintendo. There's no need to belabour the dearth of computing power from which Nintendo suffers. Nintendo has made a very few strides in online services this generation and has the potential to improve greatly depending on how its partnership with DeNA plays out. The arcade mentality is something that is missing from Nintendo's repertoire with no meaningful implementation of trophies/achievements is inexcusable.

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